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ADR management in HazEX Professional when there is a limited number of relevant UN numbers.

Managing ADR through Trem Manager

The Trem Manager Module of the HazEX suite can automatically calculate whether your product is hazardous for transport or not.
With a simple click Trem Manager will take into consideration factors such as the hazardousness of your product, its flash point, and the pH. Based on these, the program will evaluate the types of hazard presented by your product, and give you a series of options to choose from. If your product results to be hazardous for transport, the appropriate information will be automatically displayed in section 14 of the safety data sheet. Otherwise, the product will be described as not subject to ADR.

ADR with manual selection

ADR can be managed through HazEX Professional even by users who did not activate the Trem Manager module. It is possible to manually specify information in section 14 from the “Sheet Reg. 453/2010” menu by specifying data such as UN number, class, packing group, etc.
In this case, IMDG and IATA fields must also be filled manually.
This is the method that we suggest to all customers who have very few products that are hazardous for transport.

ADR with the ADR Wizard

ADR management through Trem Manager has been created for our customers who have to manage a big number of products hazardous for transport, while the manual ADR management is for those who have only a few or even none.
For those who find themselves in the middle of these 2 situations we propose ADR management through the ADR Wizard module.

This module does not have any calculation capabilities, but has the manual ADR functions found in Trem Manager. This means that by simply specifying a UN number, all related data will be automatically filled by the software, such as class, packing group, shipping name, etc. Triggers and the most toxic component will be manually manageable.


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