CLP update: new corrigendum of December 21st 2016

Corrigendum: what changes in Reg. 1272/2008?

clp-corrigendum_290px.jpgThe new corrigendum published on December 21st 2016 on the Official Journal of the European Union (L349) amends 38 texts of H, P and EUH statements. These amendments do not affect the meaning of the phrases, but they enhance the translation of the phrase itself.

Here are some examples:

  1. Statement H281 in German:
    ‘Enthält tiefkaltes Gas; kann Kälteverbrennungen oder -Verletzungen verursachen.’,
    ‘Enthält tiefgekühltes Gas; kann Kälteverbrennungen oder -verletzungen verursachen.’.
  2. Statement EUH018 in Spanish:
     ‘Al usarlo pueden formarse mezclas aire-vapor explosivas o inflamables.’,
    ‘Al usarlo, pueden formarse mezclas aire-vapor explosivas o inflamables.’.
  3. Statement P282 in Dutch:
    ‘Koude-isolerende handschoenen/gelaatsbescherming/oogbescherming dragen.’,
    ‘Gelaatsbescherming/oogbescherming/koude-isolerende handschoenen dragen.’.

Selerant is analysing this corrigendum in order to provide these updated statements as soon as possible.

For more information regarding corrigendum amending Regulation 1272/2008 of December 21st 2016, follow this link:

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