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What is the Regulatory situation in Turkey regarding SDSs?

sds-turkey.jpgTurkey follows the SEA Regulation, which is aligned with CLP (1272/2008 EC) and fully entered into force on 1st June 2016. This Regulation is currently available in Turkish only.
Similar to the EU CLP regulation, this regulation requires manufacturers and importers to notify the classification and labelling of hazardous substances and mixtures to the Turkish Classification and Labelling Inventory (C&L Notification).

Moreover, Turkey requires for SDSs to be:

  • prepared in Turkish and provided free of charge
  • submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization
  • prepared by a certified SDS person according to Turkish standards. This person can be an employee of the company itself, who attended an appropriate formation course and obtained the appropriate certificate as Turkish SDS preparer, or it could be an external collaborator who possesses the appropriate certification. This certificate is provided by the Turkish Standards Institution.
The SDS must list the contact information of the certified person who prepared the SDS, alongside the date and number of the certificate.

Therefore it is important to underline that Selerant provides a SDS model based on the CLP Regulation translated in Turkish, which can be further customised through a series of optional, Turkish SDS-specific functionalities that can be installed on demand in order to better align it with the customer’s needs. These functionalities make it possible to specify all necessary information regarding the certified SDS preparer.

Regarding the certified Turkish SDS person, the company preparing the safety data sheet can decide to prepare a person inside the company by letting them follow a course and therefore obtain the appropriate certificate, or the company might decide to find an external person possessing this specific Turkish certification. Selerant can assist you by putting you in contact with such external, non-Selerant people.

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