Posted by Selerant EHS on 21/10/2016

Updated guidances: what’s new?

guidance-update-ECHA_02.jpgRecently ECHA updated a series of guidances, first of all the one concerning labelling and packaging according to the CLP, in order to align it with the information provided in the ATP updates (especially the 4th and 5th) and with the end of the transitional period between the old DPD directive and the CLP regulation.

Moreover this guidance will be updated to reflect the changes brought by the 8th ATP. Updates have been made also to the guidance on active micro-organisms and biocidal products, clearing a series of issues that came up during the transitional procedure, such as infectivity and genotoxicity.

There have been updates also for the guidance on occupational exposure assessment, and for the guidance on framework for exposure assessment, mainly regarding the extension of the guidance’s scope. These guidances are part of the CSA guidance (Chemical Safety Assessment), more specifically part D.

We remind you that the most updated versions of the guidances are available in English language first, while guidances in other languages are often older versions. Therefore we suggest to always refer to the English versions of these guidances.

For more information on the guidances and to download their updated versions, follow these links:

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