Posted by Selerant EHS on 27/06/2017

Water-Hazard-Class_02.jpgWith the publication of the AwSV (Ordinance on facilities for the handling of substances hazardous to water) in the Bundesanzeiger of 21 April 2017, the new regulation, which was adopted in 2014, but not approved by the Bundesrat (Federal Council) for a long time, will now enter into force this year, in all parts, no later than 1 August 2017.

As far as HSM is concerned, the AwSV mainly affects the WGK classifications of mixtures based on their constituents. We will provide the relevant FCC calculations during the month of July.

Some provisions still need to be clarified by the authorities. In our view, it is questionable whether the internal documentation of the self-classification for the supervisory authorities must be based on the layout of the forms laid down in the ordinance. We will follow the relevant discussions closely.

The method of the classification of mixtures is now based on the CLP classification (including M-factors). The legislator assumes that in many cases there will be no change in the WGK versus the old classification in accordance with Annex 4 VwVwS. Fortunately, according to § 66 AwSV the classifications already made before the 01-08-2017 remain valid. The list of WGK classifications for substances published by the UBA (Federal Environmental Agency) is currently "frozen". The UBA plans to release a consolidated list for mid-August.

In particular, the lists referred to in Annex 1 and 2 of the old VwVwS will disappear. In our data repository, we had long given the KBwS classifications the priority in the case of deviations from the aforementioned lists, so that for you no changes are to be expected.

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