HSM NAV: Swiss storage class

Storage of hazardous substances

Storage-hazardous-substances_02.jpgIn Germany, the storage of hazardous substances in portable containers is regulated in the TRGS 510. In order to be able to take the necessary measures, in particular the separation in different warehouse sections, if necessary, information about the relevant quantities and their assignment to storage classes (LGK) has to be taken into account. In HSM NAV, there has been an HSM NAV calculation option (i.e., an FCC rule set) for the assignment of one storage class . This is done on the basis of CLP classification and dangerous goods classification, the latter being necessary in particular for LGK 6.2 and LGK 7.

Storage classes for Switzerland

This HSM NAV calculation has now been extended to include the determination of the storage classes for Switzerland. The results and methods are similar to TRGS 510, but different (for example, no reference to the transport classification). For this purpose, the "Guide to practice: Storage of hazardous substances" (revised edition 2011 with GHS / CLP, published by the environmental departments of the cantons of Northwestern Switzerland et al., Frauenfeld, May 2011) was implemented.

Further information about storage classes for Switzerland are available on the following link:

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