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Manage-external-doc-HazEX-Professional.jpgFor an optimal management of product safety documents, such as exposure scenarios and technical data sheets, you can activate the knowledge base module for HazEX Professional.

What does the Knowledge Base module do?

The Knowledge Base module makes it possible to attach various documents to your products, be it a substance or a mixture. The most interesting field of application of this module is that of exposure scenarios: it can attach exposure scenarios to a mixture, more specifically those scenarios related to substances listed in Section 3, in addition of those of the finished product (if available). The resulting document is a single PDF comprising all these different attached documents.

It will be possible to insert every other document type, such as technical data sheets, safety data sheets of raw materials, and much more.

Managing the  Knowledge Base module

How does the Knowledge Base module work?
To add attachments you will select the “Knowledge Base” option from the “View” menu, which will be available once the licence has been activated.



Exposure scenarios in SDS

Once the SDS has been created it will be possible to select the “Add exposure scenarios” option. This makes it so that, while exporting the mixture’s SDS, a single PDF document will be created including the product SDS and all scenarios of substances shown in section 3 of the SDS.


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