New draft proposal of the Community Rolling Action Plan (CoRAP) 2017-2019

CoRAP: Community Rolling Action Plan

reach-corap-2017-2019.jpgOn October 27th 2016 ECHA published a new draft proposal of the CoRAP 2017-2019, taking into consideration 117 substances for evaluation by member states.

The CoRAP list contains 22 newly introduced substances, and all substances will be evaluated according to the following schedule:

  • 2017: 24 substances
  • 2018: 47 substances
  • 2019: 46 substances

The ECHA member states committee will prepare an opinion by February 2017. The final plan will be adopted in March 2017.
The evaluation process, as explained in the REACH regulation, has the objective of making substance-associated risks clearer and, in case the evaluation shows the need of obtaining more information, asking registrants and users of such substances for more information.

The 2017-2019 update has been prepared in close collaboration with the Member States, taking into account the agreed risk-based criteria for the selection of substances. The REACH regulation requires that ECHA submits a yearly update of substances subject to evaluation from Member States (CoRAP).

CoRAP: information for registrants

The CoRAP process does not include a public consultation. However, by publishing the substances’ list ECHA informs interested parties about progress in the process, encouraging the registrants of such substances to coordinate their actions and to interact with the evaluating member states.
Registrants of substances listed in the final CoRAP will have a chance to submit comments before a final decision regarding the requirement of extra information is taken.

For more information regarding CoRAP 2017-2019 please refer to the ECHA website at the following links:

Newsletter 93

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