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What list of data recently updated can be found in Section 11 of U.S. SDSs?

proposition65-IARC-TSCA-Inventory-1.jpgSection 11 of U.S. SDSs, concerning toxicological data, requires, differently from SDSs for the European market, to indicate if the substances declared are present in the lists published by the International Agency for the Research on Cancer (IARC). The IARC list of carcinogenic or potentially carcinogenic chemicals was recently updated, including new compounds, such as the following ones, reported as an example:

  • Carbon nanotubes (CAS 308068-56-6)
  • Silicon carbide whiskers (CAS 409-21-2)
  • Silicon carbide, fibrous (CAS 308076-74-6)

What regulations recently updated can be found in Section 15 of U.S. SDSs?

In Section 15, U.S. SDSs mention the law known as “Proposition 65”, officially “Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act”. This regulation has been adopted by the State of California in order to protect its drinking water sources from being contaminated with chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. In July 2017, two new substances were added to the list of chemical substances with these characteristics of health hazards:

  • Glyphosate (CAS 1071-83-6)
  • Pentabromodiphenyl ether mixture [DE-71 (technical grade)].

Section 15 of U.S. SDSs mentions also the TSCA federal regulation (Toxic Substances Control Act). The TSCA Inventory lists all the substances manufactured or processed in the United States. The last version of the TSCA Inventory, updated in June 2017, includes, for some substances, a new feature designating if these chemicals are “active” or “inactive” in U.S. commerce (TSCA Inventory Notification (Active-Inactive) Rule). In order to determine which substances are “active”, manufacturers, processors or importers of chemical substances on the TSCA Inventory during the last ten-year time period (ending on June 21, 2016) in U.S. commerce are required to notify EPA of such activities. For this reason, the compilation of the field “Commercial Status Designation” is still in progress: some substances are already marked as “active” by EPA, while others, whose commercial activity status has not yet been designated, do not contain this piece of information.

As a result of all the important updates described, Selerant is already working to provide to its customers a new updated version of the data package “data package USA”.

For more information concerning the list of IARC data and the state and federal U.S. regulations cited, follow the links:

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