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adr-label_02.jpgProducts subject to transport regulations such as ADR must show an ADR-compliant label on the outer packaging. If the product is not considered as dangerous for transportation, article 33 of the CLP regulation specifies that a CLP compliant label showing the product’s hazard classification will have to be displayed on the product’s outer packaging.

ADR labelling

Until now it was possible to print ADR data in your label, such as UN number, shipping name, etc.
What was missing in this regard was a HazPRINT function that allowed an automatic recall of the correct ADR pictograms for a specific product, and their printing in the label.

ADR symbols

Now a new functionality has been implemented, allowing the user to obtain the ADR symbols in labels once the ADR classification for transport has been calculated through the Trem Manager module. Here are the specific pictograms:


Details on ADR symbols

It is possible to customise the ADR symbol printing, so that it accepts images in a format different to that os the standard Selerant images provided with the software.
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