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RAC opinion on TiO2: what’s new?

titanium dioxide-rac.jpgThe Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC) has issued its opinion on the proposal to classify titanium dioxide (CAS 13463-67-7) as carcinogen of category 1B. Such proposal was  submitted by France.


According to RAC, the classification as carcinogen of category 1B is not supported by the currently available data. These data support instead the classification of TiO2 as carcinogen of category 2. 

In addition, RAC proposes a note usable when TiO2 is placed on the market in the form of particles. This note would allow to classify titanium dioxide as carcinogen of category 1A or 1B and to specify possible additional routes of exposure. At the moment, this RAC opinion is waiting to be sent to the European Commission for a final decision.

What is RAC?

The Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC) prepares ECHA opinions related to the risks that substances pose to human health and the environment in specific REACH and CLP procedures, while the final decisions are taken by the European Commission.

RAC provides scientific support and prepares opinions related to:

  • Harmonised Classification and Labelling
  • Restrictions
  • Applications  for authorisation
  • ECHA's Executive Director's requests related to any aspects concerning the safety of substances.

For more information concerning RAC and the opinion on titanium dioxide refer to the ECHA website at these links

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