Posted by Selerant EHS on 30/05/2017

declaration-synapse.jpgAccording to recent regulatory dispositions, all manufacturers, importers and distributors who place a hazardous product on french territories must declare the product according to the guidelines described on the declaration synapse website.

Thanks to the new “French IOH Déclaration Synapse” module, Selerant helps you in being compliant with this disposition thanks to a fast, reliable and secure system.

This tool integrates perfectly in HazEX Professional, letting you make the best use of your existing database in order to notify your dangerous goods to authorities so that you will obtain the appropriate approval.

How does it work?

Once the “French IOH Déclaration Synapse” module will be activated through its specific licence, a new option will be available in the HazEX Professional menu, which opens a dedicated window for managing data relevant to this declaration.


In accordance with the regulation, in order to massively upload data to the Déclaration Synapse website an XML file must be produced. This XML file must abide to the directives provided by French authorities.

The data management window dedicated to the “French IOH Déclaration Synapse” is composed of 8 sections. The first 7 are used for data insertion, while the last one is used for XML data validation and XML file creation, to be then uploaded to the Déclaration Synapse website.

When will it be available?

The “French IOH Déclaration Synapse” module will be available with the release of HazEX Professional 3.5.

Contact our Customer Service at to schedule a telefonic meeting with an Application Specialist and organize a free demo or ask for more information on the module.

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