The Trem Manager Module for hazardous goods transport

Posted by Selerant EHS on 4/07/2018

By installing the module you will gain access to a series of options that will enable you to obtain specific transport information as depicted in ADR, IATA, IMDG and more.

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Topics: Trem Manager Module, ADR, IATA, IMDG, HazEX Professional, SDS

The “Detergents” module

Posted by Selerant EHS on 6/06/2018

The installation of the “Detergents” module creates a dedicated menu into Hazex Professional. It will gives you access to all the functionalities available, according to the requirements of regulation 648/2004, annex VII:

  • calculation of the indication of the content;
  • generation of the ingredient datasheet for the medical personnel (“Medical document”);
  • generation of the public ingredient datasheet (“Documents”);
  • generation of the technical datasheet (customized document for internal use).
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Topics: Detergents module, HazEX Professional

The IFRA module

Posted by Selerant EHS on 27/04/2018

The installation of the IFRA module creates in HazEx Professional the menu item necessary to activate the calculation of IFRA documents and to set the concentration limits for substances.

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Topics: IFRA Module, HazEX Professional, International Fragrance Association

Language package for Selerant applications

Posted by Selerant EHS on 24/11/2017

Currently, european regulations require safety data sheets and labels to be prepared in the official language of the country to which the chemical product is going to be sent.

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Topics: Language package, HazEX Professional, labels, Safety Data Sheets

Exposure Scenario Tool Module

Posted by Selerant EHS on 21/09/2017

Selerant developed a tool that allows to generate exposure scenarios.

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Topics: Exposure scenarios, HazEX Professional, DataPackage, SVHC 2017, OEL EU 2017/64, IATA 2017, ADR 2017

Managing external documentation

Posted by Selerant EHS on 27/06/2017

For an optimal management of product safety documents, such as exposure scenarios and technical data sheets, you can activate the knowledge base module for HazEX Professional.

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Topics: Managing external documentation, HazEX Professional

Release of the “French IOH Déclaration Synapse” module

Posted by Selerant EHS on 30/05/2017

According to recent regulatory dispositions, all manufacturers, importers and distributors who place a hazardous product on french territories must declare the product according to the guidelines described on the declaration synapse website.

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Topics: Declaration Synapse, HazEX Professional

End of support for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 operating systems

Posted by Selerant EHS on 21/04/2017

Exactly 3 years ago, between April and July 2014, Microsoft ended the extended support for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 Operating Systems. As a consequence, the security updates and technical support are no longer provided. After 15 years of compatibility, Selerant announces the end of support for all environments that are still working with these operating systems, starting from 1st June 2017.

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Topics: HazEX Professional

The Knowledge base module

Posted by Selerant EHS on 22/12/2016

It is now possible to activate the new knowledge base module for the management of documents, such as exposure scenarios.

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Topics: HazEX Professional

ADR management with the ADR Wizard

Posted by Selerant EHS on 21/10/2016

ADR management in HazEX Professional when there is a limited number of relevant UN numbers.

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Topics: ADR, HazEX Professional, Safety Data Sheets

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