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Following the publication of the new ADR 2017 and IATA 2017, Selerant updates its own systems with the release of a dedicated DataPackage.
Download the installation package straight away in order to update your systems.

Main changes in ADR 2017

ADR 2017 provisions relating to international transport came mandatorily into force on July 1st 2017.
Some of the modifications made to the list of dangerous goods through ADR 2017 are:

  • Introduction of eight UN numbers, four of which are specific for materials that polymerize, not otherwise specified (N.O.S.).;
  • Modification of five “Proper Shipping Name”;
  • Removal or modification of packing group and of labelling for some UN numbers;
  • Introduction of a new label (Code 9A) for lithium batteries (UN numbers 3090, 3091, 3480, 3481)

IATA 2017 and IMDG 2016 publications

The 58th edition of IATA (2017), which adopts the modifications of ADR 2017 in the list of dangerous goods, has been published.  
In addition to the aforementioned ADR 2017 modifications, for IATA 2017 other modifications were made, as for example the modification of special dispositions for Methanol (UN number 1230).

Also (amendment 38-16) has been published and it will come into force on January 1st 2018 with bi-annual duration. The code can be adopted on a voluntary basis starting from January 1st 2017. 

Getting the update

To download the update package containing ADR 2017, IATA 2017, access the FTP via the button below, where you can download both the installer and the installation guide.

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