Posted by Selerant EHS on 18/01/2016

Compliance check: an important update

Compliance-CheckCompliance checks are routinely made by ECHA on registration dossiers of registered substances. While any dossier may be targeted, ECHA has been maintaining a list of substance dossiers for which a compliance check would in all probability be conducted, based on a series of criteria that allow substances of specific concern to be prioritised. This allows the concerned registrants to update their dossiers before ECHA has to take any action.

In case ECHA finds relevant shortcomings during the compliance check, the concerned registrant(s) will be contacted by ECHA itself following a specific procedure (see link below).
The list now contains 50 substances, but we remind you that this list is only indicative and not exhaustive, since ECHA reserves the right to open further compliance checks on any dossier at any time and without prior notice to the registrants.

For more information about Compliance Checks and the list of substances potentially subject to compliance check, see the ECHA website at the following links:

Newsletter 84

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