What’s new in the 7th ATP?

selerant-ehs-atp7_EN_ok.jpgA new regulatory update will come into force at the beginning of 2017.

Starting from January 1st, the 7th ATP will come into force, influencing the substances listed under Annex VI of the CLP Regulation by changing and adding a number of harmonised classifications of substances.

Changes brought by the 7th ATP

The 7th ATP updates the harmonised classification of 12 substances already listed under Annex VI of the CLP, while introducing 20 new substances and their harmonised classification to that same annex.

For the full text of the 7th ATP, please follow this link:

7th ATP: how do I obtain it?

The 7th ATP is part of the EHSdatapackage that we released alongside the new software version, 3.4 SR3.
First of all do a backup of both your archive and your program folder, and then if you installed the 3.4 SR3 release all you will have to do is start the EHSdatabase setup program, making sure that “Atp7” is selected.
We remind you that the EHSdatapackage also updates information regarding SVHC, OELs and ACGIH.


7th ATP in HazEx Prof

Once installed, the 7th ATP is managed like previous ATP in HazEX Professional.
From the “Authority” menu


it will be possible to maintain your historical ATP classifications and manage other activated GHSs.
In order to print a safety data sheet according to the new classification it will be necessary to manage the appropriate SDS model by accessing the specific menu found in ”Utilities”  → “Document types”, and clicking “All versions” in the bottom right (if you cannot see it, enlarge the window).


From the list, double click the relevant model that you use and select the row corresponding to the 7th ATP, setting the status from “HISTORIC” to “CURRENT”. This will activate the model.


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