Brazil Proposes to Expand the Monograph List of Active Ingredients for Pesticides

European Union (EU) Food Recalls of July 2020

Canada to Propose New Maximum Residue Limits

Chile Proposal to Amend Milk and Dairy Products of the Food Health Regulations

Japan Partially Amends Specifications and Standards for Foods, Food additives - July 2020

Taiwan To Modify Testing Methods in Food

Indonesia to Amend Regulation on Flavouring Additives

European Union (EU) Latest Food Recalls - June 2020

Ireland To Publish a Guidance Document on Labelling of Gin and Gin Products

GCC Issues New Drafts of Standard on Essential Nutrients in Food

Latest Mexican Amendment on Food Labelling: Comparison with Old Regulation

Singapore To Amend the Food Regulations

Japan Partially Amends Compositional Standards for Milk and Milk Products

Korea Issues New Standard for Food Utensils, Containers and Packages

GCC Latest Drafts of Standard on Vitamins and Minerals and Dairy Products

US Issues New Maximum Residue Limits for Multiple Pesticides

EDA considerations on Rules of Origin to be Applied in the EU-UK Dairy Framework

European Union (EU) Issues New Regulations on Multiple Food Industry Matters – May 2020

EFSA Issues Scientific Opinion to Re-evaluate Dimethyl Polysiloxane (E 900) as a Food Additive

Japan Partially Amends Maximum Residue Limits of Food Contaminants

Singapore Introduces Maximum Residue Limits for Not Allowed Food Pesticides and Veterinary Drugs

European Union (EU) Issues New Food Recalls - April 2020

China Issues New National Drafts Standards for the Dairy Industry

Codex Alimentarius Issues New Food Standards – April 2020

Korea Updates Rules on Advertising and Labelling of Food

The U.S. Amends Labelling Regulations for Wine, Distilled Spirits, and Malt Beverages

Mexico Amends General Labelling Specifications for Prepackaged Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Canada Includes Use of Aspergillus fijiensis Invertase in the List of Permitted Food Enzymes

FDA Issues a Temporary Guidance for Industry on Nutrition Labelling of Certain Packaged Food during COVID-19

South Africa Regulates Grading, Packing and Marking of Eggs Intended for Sale

Codex Latest Amendments to Food Standards – March 2020

EFSA Declares COVID-19 Spreading is Unrelated to Food Consumption

Singapore to Adopt Maximum Limits for Marine Biotoxins, Inorganic Arsenic, and Methanol in Food

Russian Federation to Publish New Food Product Standards

European Union (EU) Latest Food Recalls - March 2020

Japan Issues Cabinet Office Ordinance on Food Labelling

GCC Proposes New Standards on Multiple Dairy Food Products

The European Union (EU) Latest Amendments on Use of Sorbic Acid and Soybean Hemicellulose as Food Additives

The European Union (EU) Establishes New Protected Geographical Indications for ‘Queso Castellano’ (PGI)

Japan Amends Specifications and Standards for Foods, Food Additives etc. – February 2020

Taiwan Amends Testing Methods for Food Additive Specification

European Union (EU) Latest Amendments Relevant for Animal Health

The US to Establish New Tolerances for Selected Pesticides

Codex Alimentarius Publishes Updates to Food Product Standards

European Union (EU) Provides Guidance for the Member States Reporting on Zoonoses and Zoonotic Agents

Mexico Dairy Standards to Enter into Force - February 2020

Turkey Announces to Regulate the Classification of Raw Cow Milk

European Union (EU) Food Recalls of January 2020

GCC Proposes New Requirements for Food Sweeteners

Singapore Updates the Guide to Food Labelling and Advertisements

Canada Proposes to Approve Spirulina Extract as a Food Colour

Germany Introduces the QM Milk Standard 2020

U.S. Guides on “Negative claims” on Absence Of Bioengineered Or Genetically-Modified Meat, Poultry And Egg Products

FDA Reopens Comment Period on Use of Ultrafiltered Milk in Cheese and Cheese Products

European Union (EU) Issues New Food Recalls – December 2019

Saudi Arabia Proposes General Requirements for Novel Foods

Japan Proposes New Maximum Residue Levels for Food Commodities – December 2019

FSANZ Publishes Variation to Food Standards Code

Korea Updates Imported Food Safety Management Act

China Proposes to Expand Allowed Food Contact Materials List

India Releases Action Plan for Safe and Quality Milk and Milk Products

Canada Introduces Maximum Residue Limits for Pesticides

Korea Issues New Enforcement Rules on Food Safety

Singapore Publishes the Updated Regulation of Imports and Exports Act

China Releases the Health Food Naming Guide - 2019 Edition

European Union (EU) Food Recalls on Multiple on Food Products – November 2019

Japan Partially Amends Specifications and Standards for Food, Food Additives etc.

Codex Amends Standard for Processed Cereal-Based Foods for Infants and Young Children

Korea To Issue New Rules on Food Labelling – October 2019

The U.S. FDA Allows Extension of Enforcement Discretion Period for Nutrition Facts Label Requirements

European Union (EU) New Food Alerts Affecting Food Commodities – October 2019

Korea Partially Amends Pesticides MRLs in Agricultural Products on Production Stage

China Issues Rapid Detection Methods of Multiple Reference Substances

Japanese Latest News on Food Safety

United States Adopts New Pesticides Tolerances – October 2019

Codex Latest Food Standards on Multiple Products – October 2019

Switzerland Maintains Restrictions to Forage for Dairy Animals

FSANZ Issues the Imported Food Control Order 2019

Brazil Asks for Comments on Nutritional Labelling in Packaged Foods

The U.S. FDA Evaluates to Modernize Food Standards of Identity

European Union (EU) Recalls Affecting Food Products – September 2019

Vietnam To Issue the New Food Additive Regulation

India To Set Trans Fat Rule

New Zealand issued a new Food Notice: Maximum Residue Levels for Agricultural Compounds

Taiwan Publishes a New Regulation on Veterinary Drugs Residues in Food

Korea Publishes a Partial Amendment of the Food Additives Code

Codex Alimentarius Releases Dairy Standards

European Union (EU) Issues New Food Recalls, August 2019

Peru Enhances Sanitary Requirements for Import of Milk and Milk Products from Uruguay

Chile Proposes Draft Rules on Labelling of Food Supplements

Canada Updates the List of Permitted Sequestering Agents To Use in Infant Formula Products

Taiwan Releases New Standards for Pesticide Residue Limits in Foods

The U.S. FDA Introduces a New Color Additive for Ground Beef Analogue Products

Codex Alimentarius To Revise the General Standard for Food Additives - 2019

European Union Latest Food Alerts and Recalls

United States To Update Veterinary Drugs Tolerance Levels

Korea Partially Amends the Labeling Standard for Genetically Modified Food

European Union (EU) Recalls New Food Commodities, July 2019

United States Adopts New Limits on Food Pesticides

Japan Publishes New Food Labelling Updates – July 2019

India Publishes New Food Labelling Rules regarding Advertising, Claims and Packaging

Canada Latest Updates to the List of Permitted Food Additives

European Union (EU) Food Recalls Affecting Multiple Food Categories - End June 2019

China To Introduce New Varieties of Food Additives

GCC Releases the Draft Standard on Flavored Drinks

United States FDA Releases Labelling Guidance for Declaration of Added Sugars for Honey, Maple Syrup, Etc.

European Union (EU) Amends Food Additives Regulation No 1333/2008 on Stabilizers and Use of Ferrous Lactate

European Union (EU) New Alerts on Food Commodities

European Union (EU) Recalls Affecting Food Products – June 2019

Japan Implements New Rules to Handle Meat Exported to Singapore

Saudi Arabia Implements New Procedures to Facilitate the Import of Food Products

Japan Amends the Specifications and Standards for Foods – June 2019

Taiwan Intends to Modify Inspection Methods for Heavy Metals and Vet. Drugs

United States EPA Latest Updates on Food Pesticides – June 2019

Mexico Adopts New Maximum Residue Limits of Pesticides – May 2019

Canada Extends the Use of Steviol Glycosides from S. Cerevisiae CD15380 and CD15407 as Permitted Sweeteners

European Union (EU) Latest Recalls of May 2019

India Implements Food Safety and Standards on Health Supplements, Nutraceuticals, Food for Special Dietary and Medical Purposes and Novel Foods

South Africa Repeals Regulations under Food, Drugs and Disinfectants Act, 1929 on Multiple Food Products

United States EPA Establishes New Pesticide Tolerance Levels

European Union (EU) Proposal to Cooperation and Customs Union Provisions on Organic Products Trades with the Republic of San Marino

India Proposes Amendments to Food Safety and Standards Regulations, 2019

Viet Nam Amends Labeling Rules on Food Commodities

GCC Publishes new Draft Standards on Dairy Food Products

United States FDA Publishes Draft Guidance on Recommendations to Voluntary Recalls

Korea Amends the Special Act On Imported Food Safety Management

European Union (EU) Latest Recalls Affecting Multiple Food Commodities

FDA Protects Consumers Against Unlawful Ingredients in Dietary Supplements

Korea Proposes New Rules on Food Labelling Standards

European Union (EU) Releases New Food Alerts and Recalls in April 2019

Morocco Amends Rules for Dairy Manufacturers on Production and Marketing of Milk and Dairy Products

Canada Updates the List of Permitted Sweeteners to Expand the Use of Steviol Glycosides

Mexico Integrates the List of Food Additives and Adjuvants with New Limits on Enzymes

Saudi Arabia Recommends New Specifications on Edible Ices

GCC Publishes a Draft Standard on Pesticide Residues Changes

South Africa Regulates the Protection of Geographical Indications on Agricultural Products Sold at National Level

Thailand Draft on Food Labeling Requirements to the Term “Premium”

US New Rules on Pesticide Tolerances

European Union (EU) March 2019 Recalls on Food Commodities

US Dairy Pride Act Protects Consumers Against Misleading Labels on Non-Dairy Products

Korea Notifies Updates in Food Standards and Specifications (No. 2019-16)

Japan Formulates Surveillance and Food Safety Annual Plan

Korea Amends Safety Certification Criteria and Risk Assessment Procedures

Chile Amends Milk Definition in Food Health Regulation, Decree 977

Japanese Latest Amendments to Pesticides Reference Values

United States Recent Food Recalls

Saudi Arabia Proposes New Labeling Rules on Bottled Drinking Water and Bottled Natural Mineral Water

Korea Partially Amends Health Functional Food Code under No.2019-10

Turkey Amends Regulation on Pharmacologically Active Substances

US Latest Updates on Pesticides

Canada Adopts New Limits For Pesticides on Food Commodities

USDA Proposes to Amend the National List for Crops and Handling

Mexico Amends Annexes to Food Additives Regulation

Japan Partially Amends Pesticides Reference Values

Saudi Government Publishes a New Draft Standard on Contaminants and Toxins

Singapore Amends Food Regulations

Mexico Releases New Official Dairy Standards

EU Amends Regulation No 10/2011 on Food Contact Plastic Materials

Taiwan Amends Standards for Pesticide Residue Limits in Foods and Animal Products

New US Directive on Label Verification Upon Food Products Import

Turkey Proposes New Rules on Food Labeling and Information to Customers

Canadian Provisions on Safe Food Come Into Force

Taiwan Issues New Rules on Labeling of Health Food

Korea Amends the Health Functional Foods Act

Japanese Government Publishes New Specifications And Standards For Foods

European Union (EU) Latest Food Recalls

The European Commission Intends to Revise Limits of Pharmacologically Active Substances in Food of Animal Origin

United States FDA Updates Nutrition and Supplement Facts Labels

Health Canada’s PMRA Publishes New Limits for Ten Pesticides in the MRL Database

Mexican Amendment on Additives: Annatto extract (INS 160b ii) Allowed as Colorant

China Food Additive Regulation Amendment Published - Sept 2018

Taiwan Revises Regulation of Food Allergen Labeling

Health Canada’s PMRA Publishes New Limits for Four Pesticides in the MRL Database

India Issues Order Regarding Endorsement for +F Logo Within Food Licensing & Registration System

Singapore Introduces a New Food Agency

Korea Releases New Standard For “Elderly-Friendly Food”

Chile Releases New Amendments for the Food Health Regulation

EU Amends Pesticide Regulation 396/2005

41st Session of the Codex Alimentarius Commission Updates Limits For Additives, Contaminants, Pesticides, and Vet Drugs

CFIA Releases New “Safe Food for Canadians Regulations”

France Aims To Ban Titanium Dioxide As A Food Additive

Australia: Mandatory Labeling For Lupin Will Start On May 26, 2018

CARICOM’s Council for Trade and Economic Development Discusses Economic Concerns

Health Canada Adds Two New Gums in the Permitted List of Food Additives

Taiwan: Harmonized Sanitation Standard For Contaminants And Toxins In Food

EU Adopts New Amendments To Additives Legislation

US FDA Nutrition Facts Panel Labeling Update Notification – Compliance Dates

Korean Positive List System (PLS) Progress

EU Adopts Two New Amendments To Vet Drugs Legislation

China and USA Trade Relations Strained; Impacts USA Imports to China

Taiwan Amended Regulations on Nutrition Labeling for Prepackaged Food Products

Nigeria's Standard Organization Issues Public Notice on Product Authentication Mark (PAM)

Scotland's Minimum Pricing for Alcohol Goes Into Effect in May 2018

China Reshuffles State Council Structure; Your Familiar Food Ministries Will Disappear

European Union: Nutritional Labeling For Alcoholic Beverages

Nigeria's Standard Organization Reviews Soft Drink Standards and Develop Standards for Energy Drinks

India: 2018 Notice for Operationalization of Food Safety and Standards Amendment Regulations

New Amendment For Mexico Additives Regulation

New Zealand Releases 2018 Version of Maximum Residue Levels for Agricultural Compounds

Thailand Food & Drug Administration Announces New Guidelines for Use of Probiotic Microorganisms in Food

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