The US to Establish New Tolerances for Selected Pesticides

Codex Alimentarius Publishes Updates to Food Product Standards

European Union (EU) Provides Guidance for the Member States Reporting on Zoonoses and Zoonotic Agents

Mexico Dairy Standards to Enter into Force - February 2020

Turkey Announces to Regulate the Classification of Raw Cow Milk

European Union (EU) Food Recalls of January 2020

GCC Proposes New Requirements for Food Sweeteners

Singapore Updates the Guide to Food Labelling and Advertisements

Canada Proposes to Approve Spirulina Extract as a Food Colour

Germany Introduces the QM Milk Standard 2020

U.S. Guides on “Negative claims” on Absence Of Bioengineered Or Genetically-Modified Meat, Poultry And Egg Products

FDA Reopens Comment Period on Use of Ultrafiltered Milk in Cheese and Cheese Products

European Union (EU) Issues New Food Recalls – December 2019

Saudi Arabia Proposes General Requirements for Novel Foods

Japan Proposes New Maximum Residue Levels for Food Commodities – December 2019

FSANZ Publishes Variation to Food Standards Code

Korea Updates Imported Food Safety Management Act

China Proposes to Expand Allowed Food Contact Materials List

India Releases Action Plan for Safe and Quality Milk and Milk Products

Canada Introduces Maximum Residue Limits for Pesticides

Korea Issues New Enforcement Rules on Food Safety

Singapore Publishes the Updated Regulation of Imports and Exports Act

China Releases the Health Food Naming Guide - 2019 Edition

European Union (EU) Food Recalls on Multiple on Food Products – November 2019

Japan Partially Amends Specifications and Standards for Food, Food Additives etc.

Codex Amends Standard for Processed Cereal-Based Foods for Infants and Young Children

Korea To Issue New Rules on Food Labelling – October 2019

The U.S. FDA Allows Extension of Enforcement Discretion Period for Nutrition Facts Label Requirements

European Union (EU) New Food Alerts Affecting Food Commodities – October 2019

Korea Partially Amends Pesticides MRLs in Agricultural Products on Production Stage

China Issues Rapid Detection Methods of Multiple Reference Substances

Japanese Latest News on Food Safety

United States Adopts New Pesticides Tolerances – October 2019

Codex Latest Food Standards on Multiple Products – October 2019

Switzerland Maintains Restrictions to Forage for Dairy Animals

FSANZ Issues the Imported Food Control Order 2019

Brazil Asks for Comments on Nutritional Labelling in Packaged Foods

The U.S. FDA Evaluates to Modernize Food Standards of Identity

European Union (EU) Recalls Affecting Food Products – September 2019

Vietnam To Issue the New Food Additive Regulation

India To Set Trans Fat Rule

New Zealand issued a new Food Notice: Maximum Residue Levels for Agricultural Compounds

Taiwan Publishes a New Regulation on Veterinary Drugs Residues in Food

Korea Publishes a Partial Amendment of the Food Additives Code

Codex Alimentarius Releases Dairy Standards

European Union (EU) Issues New Food Recalls, August 2019

Peru Enhances Sanitary Requirements for Import of Milk and Milk Products from Uruguay

Chile Proposes Draft Rules on Labelling of Food Supplements

Canada Updates the List of Permitted Sequestering Agents To Use in Infant Formula Products

Taiwan Releases New Standards for Pesticide Residue Limits in Foods

The U.S. FDA Introduces a New Color Additive for Ground Beef Analogue Products

Codex Alimentarius To Revise the General Standard for Food Additives - 2019

European Union Latest Food Alerts and Recalls

United States To Update Veterinary Drugs Tolerance Levels

Korea Partially Amends the Labeling Standard for Genetically Modified Food

European Union (EU) Recalls New Food Commodities, July 2019

United States Adopts New Limits on Food Pesticides

Japan Publishes New Food Labelling Updates – July 2019

India Publishes New Food Labelling Rules regarding Advertising, Claims and Packaging

Canada Latest Updates to the List of Permitted Food Additives

European Union (EU) Food Recalls Affecting Multiple Food Categories - End June 2019

China To Introduce New Varieties of Food Additives

GCC Releases the Draft Standard on Flavored Drinks

United States FDA Releases Labelling Guidance for Declaration of Added Sugars for Honey, Maple Syrup, Etc.

European Union (EU) Amends Food Additives Regulation No 1333/2008 on Stabilizers and Use of Ferrous Lactate

European Union (EU) New Alerts on Food Commodities

European Union (EU) Recalls Affecting Food Products – June 2019

Japan Implements New Rules to Handle Meat Exported to Singapore

Saudi Arabia Implements New Procedures to Facilitate the Import of Food Products

Japan Amends the Specifications and Standards for Foods – June 2019

Taiwan Intends to Modify Inspection Methods for Heavy Metals and Vet. Drugs

United States EPA Latest Updates on Food Pesticides – June 2019

Mexico Adopts New Maximum Residue Limits of Pesticides – May 2019

Canada Extends the Use of Steviol Glycosides from S. Cerevisiae CD15380 and CD15407 as Permitted Sweeteners

European Union (EU) Latest Recalls of May 2019

India Implements Food Safety and Standards on Health Supplements, Nutraceuticals, Food for Special Dietary and Medical Purposes and Novel Foods

South Africa Repeals Regulations under Food, Drugs and Disinfectants Act, 1929 on Multiple Food Products

United States EPA Establishes New Pesticide Tolerance Levels

European Union (EU) Proposal to Cooperation and Customs Union Provisions on Organic Products Trades with the Republic of San Marino

India Proposes Amendments to Food Safety and Standards Regulations, 2019

Viet Nam Amends Labeling Rules on Food Commodities

GCC Publishes new Draft Standards on Dairy Food Products

United States FDA Publishes Draft Guidance on Recommendations to Voluntary Recalls

Korea Amends the Special Act On Imported Food Safety Management

European Union (EU) Latest Recalls Affecting Multiple Food Commodities

FDA Protects Consumers Against Unlawful Ingredients in Dietary Supplements

Korea Proposes New Rules on Food Labelling Standards

European Union (EU) Releases New Food Alerts and Recalls in April 2019

Morocco Amends Rules for Dairy Manufacturers on Production and Marketing of Milk and Dairy Products

Canada Updates the List of Permitted Sweeteners to Expand the Use of Steviol Glycosides

Mexico Integrates the List of Food Additives and Adjuvants with New Limits on Enzymes

Saudi Arabia Recommends New Specifications on Edible Ices

GCC Publishes a Draft Standard on Pesticide Residues Changes

South Africa Regulates the Protection of Geographical Indications on Agricultural Products Sold at National Level

Thailand Draft on Food Labeling Requirements to the Term “Premium”

US New Rules on Pesticide Tolerances

European Union (EU) March 2019 Recalls on Food Commodities

US Dairy Pride Act Protects Consumers Against Misleading Labels on Non-Dairy Products

Korea Notifies Updates in Food Standards and Specifications (No. 2019-16)

Japan Formulates Surveillance and Food Safety Annual Plan

Korea Amends Safety Certification Criteria and Risk Assessment Procedures

Chile Amends Milk Definition in Food Health Regulation, Decree 977

Japanese Latest Amendments to Pesticides Reference Values

United States Recent Food Recalls

Saudi Arabia Proposes New Labeling Rules on Bottled Drinking Water and Bottled Natural Mineral Water

Korea Partially Amends Health Functional Food Code under No.2019-10

Turkey Amends Regulation on Pharmacologically Active Substances

US Latest Updates on Pesticides

Canada Adopts New Limits For Pesticides on Food Commodities

USDA Proposes to Amend the National List for Crops and Handling

Mexico Amends Annexes to Food Additives Regulation

Japan Partially Amends Pesticides Reference Values

Saudi Government Publishes a New Draft Standard on Contaminants and Toxins

Singapore Amends Food Regulations

Mexico Releases New Official Dairy Standards

EU Amends Regulation No 10/2011 on Food Contact Plastic Materials

Taiwan Amends Standards for Pesticide Residue Limits in Foods and Animal Products

New US Directive on Label Verification Upon Food Products Import

Turkey Proposes New Rules on Food Labeling and Information to Customers

Canadian Provisions on Safe Food Come Into Force

Taiwan Issues New Rules on Labeling of Health Food

Korea Amends the Health Functional Foods Act

Japanese Government Publishes New Specifications And Standards For Foods

European Union (EU) Latest Food Recalls

The European Commission Intends to Revise Limits of Pharmacologically Active Substances in Food of Animal Origin

United States FDA Updates Nutrition and Supplement Facts Labels

Health Canada’s PMRA Publishes New Limits for Ten Pesticides in the MRL Database

Mexican Amendment on Additives: Annatto extract (INS 160b ii) Allowed as Colorant

China Food Additive Regulation Amendment Published - Sept 2018

Taiwan Revises Regulation of Food Allergen Labeling

Health Canada’s PMRA Publishes New Limits for Four Pesticides in the MRL Database

India Issues Order Regarding Endorsement for +F Logo Within Food Licensing & Registration System

Singapore Introduces a New Food Agency

Korea Releases New Standard For “Elderly-Friendly Food”

Chile Releases New Amendments for the Food Health Regulation

EU Amends Pesticide Regulation 396/2005

41st Session of the Codex Alimentarius Commission Updates Limits For Additives, Contaminants, Pesticides, and Vet Drugs

CFIA Releases New “Safe Food for Canadians Regulations”

France Aims To Ban Titanium Dioxide As A Food Additive

Australia: Mandatory Labeling For Lupin Will Start On May 26, 2018

CARICOM’s Council for Trade and Economic Development Discusses Economic Concerns

Health Canada Adds Two New Gums in the Permitted List of Food Additives

Taiwan: Harmonized Sanitation Standard For Contaminants And Toxins In Food

EU Adopts New Amendments To Additives Legislation

US FDA Nutrition Facts Panel Labeling Update Notification – Compliance Dates

Korean Positive List System (PLS) Progress

EU Adopts Two New Amendments To Vet Drugs Legislation

China and USA Trade Relations Strained; Impacts USA Imports to China

Taiwan Amended Regulations on Nutrition Labeling for Prepackaged Food Products

Nigeria's Standard Organization Issues Public Notice on Product Authentication Mark (PAM)

Scotland's Minimum Pricing for Alcohol Goes Into Effect in May 2018

China Reshuffles State Council Structure; Your Familiar Food Ministries Will Disappear

European Union: Nutritional Labeling For Alcoholic Beverages

Nigeria's Standard Organization Reviews Soft Drink Standards and Develop Standards for Energy Drinks

India: 2018 Notice for Operationalization of Food Safety and Standards Amendment Regulations

New Amendment For Mexico Additives Regulation

New Zealand Releases 2018 Version of Maximum Residue Levels for Agricultural Compounds

Thailand Food & Drug Administration Announces New Guidelines for Use of Probiotic Microorganisms in Food

Taiwan: Use Restrictions and Labeling Requirements for Senna

Food Safety and Standard Authority of India Drafts Amendments Related to MRL of Pesticides

Taiwan: FDA Strengthens Labeling Management in Health Food

Chile Releases an Amendment on Claims Regulation

January 2018 FSSAI Directions on Implementation of Nutraceutical Regulations from 2016

European Union Draft Regulation on Labeling

Bhutan: Surveillance Report on GMO Element in Animal Feed

Taiwan: FDA Proposes Draft Regulations Governing Food Allergen Labeling

EU – Japan Free Trade Agreement

New Amendments to Mexico Additives Regulation

South Korea Releases New Food Labeling Regulation

2017 Codex Alimentarius Updates on Contaminants

New European Union Organic Regulation

How South Korea Food Code Regulation Will Become More Sound

Food Safety and Standard Authority of India Notifies of Revised “General Standards for Milk and Milk Products”

Taiwan: Read Labels to Smartly Choose Dairy Products

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) Calls for Submission of GMO Foods Derived From Cotton Line GHB811

Consultation on Labeling and Advertising for Infant Formula

New Mexican Regulation on MRLs of Pesticides: NOM-082-SAG-FITO/SSA1-2017

FDA Nutrition Facts Panel Final Rule – Extension of Compliance Date Proposed

CETA – Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement: What does it mean for the food industry?

Food Safety and Standard Authority of India notifies final regulation on “Approval of Non-Specified Food and Food Ingredients”

CFDA Releases 14 lists of Infant Formula Milk Powder Registration Information

Lessons to Be Learned from Fipronil Incident?

Philippines’ National Standards Become Mandatory

EU Moving Towards Regulating Acrylamide in Food

Russian Import Ban Prolonged Until End 2018

Chile Releases New Regulation on Claims

Bhutan: First Organic State by 2020?

India – EEU Free Trade Agreement Back on the Agenda

Singapore Updates Infant Formula Labelling Rules

Peru Publishes Supreme Decree on Milk and Dairy Products

Peru Suspends Import of Animals and Products from Colombia due to FMD

Peru Sets Criteria for Dairy Product Names

EU: Pesticides limits in human food

EU: New limits for food additives: E249-250; E 338-452, E 943a, E 943b and E 338-452

India Bans the Use of Heme Iron in Foodstuffs

Food Labeling: Information Provided vs. Information Received

Canada Additive Changes Relevant for Dairy, Meat and Beverages

East African Community Labeling Reference Guide Now Available on SCC

Organic products from Chile coming into Europe

Italy Now Regulates Indication of Origin for Dairy

EU: Pesticide Limits in Human Food

South Africa About to Change Pesticide MRLs

EEU Changing Rules for Dairy

India Food Authority Issues Guidance Note on Cinnamon and Cassia

China Updates GB Standards for Contaminants and Mycotoxins in Foods

Canada Updates Vet Drug Residue Limits in Food

Egypt: Food Additives Legislation Overview

Switzerland Labeling Reference Guide Available

EU: Fluralaner and its Maximum Residue Limits

EU: Pesticides Limits in Human Food

EU: Steviol Glycosides as Sweetener in Energy-Reduced Confectionery Products

Singapore Food (Amendment) Regulations 2017 Effective from April 1

Taiwan: March Updates for Pesticide MRLs

Canada: March 2017 Pesticide MRLs Update

USA: Pesticide MRL Changes for Q1 (January-March) 2017

Canada Additives: Recent Amendments

China Food Additive Regulation Amendment Published

Taiwan Changes Labeling Rules for Butter, Cream, Margarine and Fat Spreads

Australia Sets New MRL for 19 AgVet Chemicals

China updates MRLs for Pesticides

CETA: How the New Trade Deal will Affect EU GI products?

Taiwan: Updated Pesticide MRLs

The Chilean Ministry of Health releases the first amendment of 2017 of the Food Safety Regulation

Upcoming Changes to Canada’s Food Labeling Regulation

Peru Adopts National Regulation on Pesticide MRLs

US FDA Nutrition Facts Label Update: Two Guidance Documents Open for Industry Comments

Swiss-Origin Labelling Rules Change from 2017

China Authorities Carry Out Additional Checks on Infant Formula Labels

What’s New in the Chilean Food Law?

Japan Approves New Food Additives for Meat

South Africa to Follow Codex Standards for Food Additives

Singapore Labeling Reference Guide Now Available

Pesticides in the EU – How Safe is Our Food?

New Safe Food Australia Guide Published

Additives in Mexico - Latest Amendment

Taiwan FDA Publishes New Pesticide MRLs

China Updates Draft Rules for Online Food Trade

China: 9 Draft National Food Safety Standards Released

EU: Sucralose in Chewing Gum & Steviol Glycosides Definition

Mercosur & Food Law

Japan Labelling Rules Could Change in 2017

FSSAI Issues Drafts for Food Fortification and Approval of Non-specified Food

Canada: Pesticide MRLs Update

Russia Extends Trade Ban to Salt

Eurasian Economic Union & Trade-related Issues

Mexican Additives Regulation Amended

Canada Pesticide MRLs Updates

Peruvian Blueberries Soon Coming to China?

FDA’s Final Rule on the Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) Process

EU Sets MRL for Hydrocortisone aceponate in Milk

EU Amends Food Contact Materials Regulation

South Africa Updates Contaminants Residues Regulations

Canada Allows Steviol glycosides in Nutritional Supplements Bars

Stricter EU Limit for Thiacloprid in Honey

China Publishes Draft Documents for Infant Formula Recipe Registration

WTO Issues a Ruling on Russian Pork Ban

China: New Food Contact Materials and Additives in Food Containers Allowed

Australia: Changes in AgVet Chemicals’ MRLs

Stricter Rules for Online Food Trading in China

Regulatory Updates from India

New GMO Law in the US

Australia: Changes in Agvet Chemicals’ MRLs

Chile: Amendments in Veterinary Drugs Regulation

Canada: Two Lists of Additives Updated

Argentina: New Regulation on Organic Products

Canada Pesticide MRLs Updates

GCC: New Food Products Standards for 2016

Taiwan FDA Publishes New Pesticide MRLs

Russia Bans GMO Cultivation

China: Strengthened Control of Food Additives

Peru Issues National Regulation on Veterinary Drugs Residues in Food

Chile, Colombia and Thailand Food Law Data Now Available on SCC

Chile Labeling Reference Guide Available

Russia Extends Food Import Ban to 2018

Canada Additives Update: Food enzymes, Extraction solvents, Sweeteners

Taiwan Publishes Draft Standard for Contaminants and Mycotoxin Limits in Food

China: Transitional Period Allowed to Register Foods for Special Medical Purposes

Canada Reviews MRLs for 7 Pesticides

Olive Oil Brands Fined for Misleading Labeling

China Approves 3 Bacteria for Usage in Food

China: Mandatory Registration of Infant Formula Recipes

Natamycin Now Allowed in Beverages

Argentianian Ham Quality Standard Revised

India Introduces Changes for Gluten & Fats Labelling

UAE Markets Opening for Mexican Beef

Europe Abandons Nutrient Profiles?

Russia Food Import Ban: Baby Food Ingredients

Latest Updates on EU Pesticide Residue Regulations

Mexico: New Enzymes Approved

US FDA Nutrition Labeling Changes: Final Rule Published

Argentina to Reform Food Standards due to Trade Agreements?

How is Micronutrient Fortification Regulated in Vietnam?

Mexico Adds FEMA GRAS 27 to Flavorings

EU Allows Stevia Sweetener in Coffee & Tea Beverages

EU Limit of Steviol Glycosides in Mustard

Canada Additive Updates: Sweeteners, Enzymes & Emulsifiers

Mealworm Pudding Anyone?

TFDA issued amendment to “Regulations for Application of Health Food Permit”

Mandatory Micronutrient Fortification Enters into Force in Vietnam

EU Changes Definition of Vinegar

Argentinian Citrus Compliant with EU Requirements

Mexican Bacon Enters Japan

Hong Kong Labeling Reference Guide available

EU Sets New Alkaloid Levels for Foods for Infants

CFDA: new measure to tighten grip on sales of agricultural products enters into force on March 1st

Regulatory Updates from India: Fish, Meat & Silver Leaf

Mexico: Additive Amendments

Hop-derived Vet Drug MRL Update

Canada Pesticide MRLs Updates

Mexico – EU: Organic Products Agreement Coming Soon?

5 Flavouring Substances Deleted from the EU List

India: Proprietary Foods Standards

Saudi Arabia: Recent Trade Bans & Approvals for Meat and Eggs

Taiwan Standards for Chocolate

EU: 4 Regulations Amending Pesticide MRLs

EU Amendments for Flavors

Ready for Your Plate of Crickets?

What’s New in India Food Law?

US: New MRLs for 18 Pesticides

India: 60 % of Shelf Life Required for Food Import

Australia Food Labeling Reference Guide Now Available

South Korea: New Food Labeling Rules from 2017

EU: Pesticide MRLs Amendments

Canada: Enzymes, Preservatives and Sweeteners Updated

Infant Formula in China: Improving Traceability

Mexico: New Food Additives Allowed

India: Trans Fats Label Declaration Postponed

Canada: 6 Pesticides, 10 New MRLs

Italy: ‘Black Bread’ Dilemma Resolved

Vietnam Sets Rules for Vanilla Flavor

Council Calls for EU Alcohol Strategy

Novel Foods: EU Regulation Applies from 2018

Taiwan: What’s in Your Salt?

Taiwan FDA Publishes New Pesticide MRLs

Food Labeling Rules in Vietnam

Hong Kong Standards for Infant Formula

United States: Accreditation of Foreign Food Safety Auditors

Canada Pesticides Update for Berries

India: New Standards for Malt Extract

Health Foods in Japan

China Food Safety: Stricter Penalties and FBO Responsibility

US: Meat, Poultry & Eggs Ingredients Revised

United States: November Pesticide MRL Updates

Limiting Iron Filings in Tea Leaves?

Argentina: Antimicrobial Resistance Control Program

Limiting Trans Fats in the EU?

Canada: New MRLs for 4 Pesticides

Mycotoxin Limits Revised

Argentina Toughens Rules for Poultry Export to the EU

India: Lecithin Permitted in Biscuits

EU: Updates for PAH and Ergot Alkaloid MRLs

EU: November Updates for Veterinary Drugs MRLs

Trans Fats: A Global Overview (White Paper)

Steviol Glycoside Allowed as Non-nutritive Sweetener in India

Gulf Countries: Major Changes in Food Technical Regulations

South Africa Revises Additive Legislation

India: Chemical Safety of Fish, Draft Rules

EU Changes Pesticide MRLs

Brazil: Getting Sodium Under Control

2015 Codex Revision for Contaminants

US: Gluten-Free Labeling

India Sets Chromium Limits in Gelatin

India: Microbiological Standards for Fish

2015 Codex Revision for Additives

India Limits Naturally Occurring Toxic Substances

2015 Codex Revision of Veterinary Drugs MRLs

Pullulan New Limits

Taiwan: Setting up In-house Testing Labs

India Permits Enzymes as Additives in Bread

Zinc to be Removed from Contaminants List?

India: Irradiated Food Standard

Taiwan: Labelling Rules for Restructured Meat

Taiwan Adds New Vet Drug Residue Limits in Meat and Milk

Kuwait Bans Poultry Import from 5 Countries

China's 135 New Food Safety Standards

Unites States: Latest Pesticide MRLs Updates

Saudi Arabia Lifts the Ban on Brazilian Beef

US: New Ingredients in Meat, Poultry & Egg Products

US: Labeling Food as 'Natural'?

China’s Report on Imported Food

Hong Kong: Import Rules for Eggs

Alcoholic Drinks in India - New Product Standards

Dairy Products in India – Proposing New Standards

Brazil Additive Limits in Cheese

WHO: Going Veggie?

EU Changes Rules on Novel Foods

7 Takeaways from India Food Safety Summit

US: GMA Petition to Extend the Use of PHOs

Japan: TPP and GMO labeling

GCC Standardization Organization Labeling Reference Guide Available

US: 8 Pesticides MRLs Updated

EU: New MRL for Guazatine Pesticide

Micronutrient Fortification in Food

Canada: New MRLs for 3 Pesticides

TPP Effects in Japan: Gradual Tariff Abolishment

India: Guideline on Safe & Nutritious Food in Schools

Hong Kong: Undeclared Ingredients in Coconut Milk

US FSMA Final Rule on Animal Feed

Hong Kong: Updated Pesticide MRLs

Food E-commerce in China: New Draft Rules Published!

Canada Updates the List of Food Enzymes

Saudi Arabia Bans Import of Poultry Meat and Eggs from Ghana

East African Food Standards 2015

Camel Milk Trending at Dubai Food Safety Conference 27-28 Oct

Canada Amends 4 Pesticide MRLs

Infant Formula Microbiological Criteria under Review

China’s 70 New Food Safety Standards

Canada Updates the List of Coloring Agents

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Negotiations Concluded

China: Food Manufacture and Food Business License Rules

US: 4 Pesticide MRLs Updated

EU: Iron Tartarate in Salt

US: FSMA Foreign Supplier Verification Program

India: What is in this year’s Pesticide Monitoring Report?

Taiwan FDA Food with Toy Warning

Alcohol Labeling and Pregnancy – Global Overview (part 2)

More Food Safety Standards from NHFPC

China Amends 143 Food Standards

US FSMA Final Rule on cGMP, Hazard Analysis and Risk Based Preventive Control

EU Amends the List of Flavouring Substances

Codex Alimentarius Revises Nutrition Labelling Guideline

Canada: MRLs for Spiroxamine and Tembotrione pesticides published

US Updated List of Ingredients in Meat, Poultry & Egg Products

How to Classify & Label Caramel Colors in Brazil?

Brazil Labeling Reference Guide Now Available!

EU Amends the List of Food Flavours

US Food Safety Modernization Act: What’s in it?

Canada: Latest Updates of Food Additive Lists

Alcohol Labeling and Pregnancy – the Case of Lithuania (part I)

EU: Changes in Pesticide MRLs Effective from November

Annual Global Food Safety Summit – Collaboration Is Key

US: Draft Industry Guidance for Menu Labeling

EU: September Changes for Veterinary Drugs MRLs

Canada Updates MRLs for 7 Pesticides

US FDA Nutrition Labeling: comment period extended

Unites States: 4 Pesticide MRLs Updated

Canada Updates 15 Veterinary Drugs MRLs

Singapore Regulation on Health Supplements

EFSA Confirms Neonicotinoids are Hazardous to Bees

Vietnam: New Rules on Additives

Regulating Phytosterols in India

China: Regulating Online Food Businesses

India: Lowering Limits for Trans Fats

India: FSSAI Seeks Legal Assistance

US: FEMA Publishes GRAS 27 Flavoring List

Taiwan FDA Publishes New MRLs for Pesticides

India: Microbiological Criteria for Milk & Meat Proposed by FSSAI

US: Pesticide MRLs Changes for August 2015

Food Products in India: To Approve or Not To Approve

USA: FDA Proposes Changes to Nutrition Labeling

India: Deadline Extended for Logo Display on Food Label

Hong Kong: High Bacteria Count Found In Milk

Brazil: New Legislation for Foods for Special Purposes

India: Licenses for Food Businesses – Deadline is 2016

India: Special and Functional Foods Soon to Be Regulated

India Food Labeling Guide Available!

India: Chromium Limits in Gelatine

China: 26 Draft National Food Safety Standards Released

India: Upcoming Changes in Additive Regulation

China: Viagra Active Substance Detected in Wine

Hong Kong: Malachite Green Found in Fish

EFSA: Foods for Special Medical Purposes

Taiwan: Coffee, Tea & Juice Labeling in Stores

Hong Kong: Food Poisoning Suspectedly Caused by Taiwanese Sandwiches

China: Draft Management Methods for Health Foods

US: Pesticide MRLs Changes for July 2015

EU: New MRLs for Pesticides Residues in Food

Canada: MRLs published for 2 pesticides - Dichlobenil and Dimethenamid

Brazil: Allergen Labeling Mandatory from 2016

Singapore: Illegal Food Repacking

India: Limits for Contaminants and Biotoxins in Fish

EU: Latest Changes for Contaminant Residue Levels

Draft EU Regulations for Infant Formula and Special Foods

EU: July Changes for Veterinary Drugs Levels

NPDI in Food, Regulatory is Competitive Edge

US: Updated List of Substances Used in Meat, Poultry and Egg Products

US Pesticides Tolerance Changes June/July 2015

EU Says No to New Health Claims

India: Trans Fats Label Declaration proposed by FSSAI

China Fights Meat Smuggling

Codex Alimentarius 2015: What Was Agreed?

Calorie Counts on Menus: Delayed Until 2016

Hong Kong: Food Classification for Pesticide Residues Regulation

Customs Union Labeling Guide Now Available

India: Limits for Melamine in Milk proposed by FSSAI

China: Draft Food Advertising Regulations Published for Health Foods

Taiwan: FDA sets new MRLs for Pesticides

India: New Salted Fish Product Standards Proposed by FSSAI

Canada: Changes in the List of Food Enzymes

A New Way to Fortify Traditional Food: EFSA Approval

EU: July Changes for Pesticide Residue Levels

Containing the Environment

Food Information to Consumers: How Much is Too Much?

Pesticides in Canada: MRLs published for Sulfoxaflor

India: Study on Consumption of Caffeinated/Energy Drinks

Chinese Milk still Banned in India

Chlorate from Food: EFSA Conclusions

Taiwan FDA: Labeling Requirements for GMOs in Food

Taiwan FDA: Safety Validation for Industries

FDA: the Final Guidance on Food Allergen Labeling Exemption

Taiwan FDA amends Health Food Management Act Enforcement Regulation


GCC Standards of 2015

Infant Formula: Selenium in the List of Required Nutrients

Taiwan FDA: Fee Standards for Inspections, Registrations and Licenses

FDA Says No to Trans Fat in Processed Foods

CFDA Ask Comments about Agencies' Food Testing Procedures

FSSAI To Issue Junk Food Guidelines

EU: Pesticides Residues in Food, New Maximum Levels

Use of Food Additives in Durian

Health food shall clearly label the content of effective ingredients

Food Safety Inspection Guidance Published by CFDA

Batch of Spanish Smoked Paprika Found with Salmonella

Singapore lift Restriction on Frozen Pork from Poland

EU: Pesticides Residues in Food, New Maximum Levels

EU: Pesticides Residues in Food, New Maximum Levels

China's Social Co-regulation: A Principle as Adopted in the New Food Safety Law

The Real Cost of Sustainability

How Food Additives declaration changes from GB2760-2011 to GB2760-2014

US Listing of Color Additives Exempt From Certification

Vietnam Food Administration Amends Food Additives Legislation

New Amendments for Canada Food Additives

Hong Kong to strengthen poultry egg import control

Pesticides in Canada: New MRLs Published

India: Regulation Proposal on Food Recall

Caffeine: EFSA Reassures on Safe Intake Levels

Procedures for Food Importers in India Now Available

FSSAI Yearly Statement on Food Samples Tested

The EU, horsemeat and food fraud: new regulation in sight?

European Parliament Resolution calls for new EU Alcohol Strategy

Saudi Arabia food recalls and alerts

Hong Kong published list of Small Volume Exception Products

FDA Has Updated The Inventory of GRAS Notices

A batch of jasmine floral tea containing pesticide residues were found in Hong Kong

Is Plastic Safer than Banana Leafs? Consumer Demanded for Tests

Taiwan FDA published amendment to “Sanitation Standard for Food Cleansers”

Taiwan FDA published “food additive specification-caramel colour”

Ice Creams from Belgium Detected with Bacteria Exceeding Legal Limit

SFDA, MOA and NHFPC jointly published notice points out that it is prohibited in bean sprouts process to use 6 - benzyl adenine and other substances

Ireland Provides Guidance on Naturalness Claims

Us Pesticides Tolerances

FSSAI Publishes a Detailed Guideline for those Seeking Information on the System of Product Approval

MOA released the inspection result of veterinary residue in the second half of 2014

FSSAI Invites Comments and Objections for Amendments to Food Safety Standards

77 new MRLs published for Flutriafol pesticide in Canada

Mitigating food fraud: a centrepiece in future food protection schemes

E-commerce and food safety: a new style of regulation in China

Amendments for Canada food additives regulations

Us Pesticides Tolerance

The newly revised food safety law will go into force on October 1, 2015

ADFCA: No evidence for carcinogenic potato chips in Dubai

Water into Wine

Saudi Arabia is about to lift the ban on Brazilian beef

Codex Food Contaminants Amendments

Taiwan FDA published “management of food safety protection fund”

Taiwan FDA published draft amendment of “reword approaches for whistleblowing of violation of food hygiene”

USDA FSIS Publishes Updated Directive 7120.1 - Revision 26

NHFPC published QA of “General principles for special medical use formula (GB 29922-2013)”

Hong Kong government sets up committee to promote reduction of salt and sugar in food

Four new MRLs for two Pesticides in Canada

FDA Encourages Comments to Help Update Food Ingredient Safety Assessment (Redbook)

Why you should think about Jack Ma when you think about food in China



EU: New maximum residue levels for some pesticides in food

EFSA tries to educate consumers about chemical residues in food

ANVISA clarifies carcinogenicity of five substances marketed in the country

Us Pesticides tolerance

New maximum residue levels for some food additives in residues in food

General office of Ministry of Agriculture asks for opinions for standards integration on testing method of pesticide residues in food

New specification for the solubility of polyvinyl alcohol in residues in food

New amendment for Canada food additives



EU Food Regulatory Disparities Highlight Need for Further Harmonization

EU Pesticides Amendments

Amended MRLs for the Veterinary Drug Barium selenate

New MRLs for the Veterinary Drug “Tulathromycin”

China Ratifies New Food Recall Regulation

Argentina Food Law

GCC unified food law

Perù Food Law

Taiwan FDA published “Principles on nutrient claim for packaged food” and repealed “guideline on nutrient claim for packaged food”

USDA FSIS Publishes Updated Directive 7120.1 - Revision 25

98 new MRLs for 7 Pesticides in Canada

The 11th session of directors’ meeting of the first National Committee for the Review of food safety standards was held in Beijing

Taiwan FDA published “Food industry should keep record of imported food (including gene modified food)”

Taiwan FDA published draft version of “Sanitation Standard for processing aid”

NHFPC published that lavender and soy isoflavones are not suitable to be considered as ordinary food ingredients

New labeling legislation comes up in Japan

Indonesia released the Halal Product Guarantee Act

EU Pesticides amendment

Official and unofficial takeaways from the Global Food Safety Conference in Kuala Lumpur

Tipping the Scales of the Obesity Crisis

Commentary on 2015 Dietary Guidelines Reports

US Food Pesticides

Food Standard Code Revision

Fisheries and aquaculture sector will be more productive

USDA FSIS Publishes Updated Directive 7120.1 - Revision 24

Mexico stands in global poultry production

Mexico Boosts Global Food Production

EU Increasingly Stringent with MRL Requirements

US Food Pesticides

New amendments for Canada Pesticides residues in food

FDA Seeks Key Investments for Implementing FSMA

New amendment for Canada food additives

EFSA, Stakeholder Meeting on the Safety of Caffeine

RASFF - Europe’s powerful tool to avoid unsafe food on the market

Taiwan Food and Drug Administration published “Regulations on Nutrition Labeling for Prepackaged Vitamin and Mineral Tablets and Capsules”

Taiwan Food and Drug Administration published amendment on “Standards for Pesticide Residue Limits in Foods”

NHFPC published 24 draft food safety standards and asked for comments

NHFPC issued 13 National food safety standards

Shanghai Airing its Clean Laundry - 95% of Foodstuffs Test Contaminant Free

FDA Extends the Comment Period on Updates to Redbook

NHFPC intends to approve gold as new food additive

NHFPC Approves new food additive and revise usage limits

EFSA’s decision on BPA, any relevant for food safety regulation?

GCC plan for new standards 2015

Brazil new food additives limits

GCC Food standards in 2014

New amendments for Canada Pesticides residues in food

EU Veterinary Drugs amendment

Taiwan Food and Drug Administration published amendment on “Food additive usage limit and specification”

NHFPC Approves Nine New Food Raw Materials

China NHFPC published GB2760-2014 Standard on Food Additives

TTIP and food safety: What’s behind the fuss about the leaked EU document?

FDA: Final Guidance on Labeling of Certain Beers

Selerant Compliance Cloud to showcase Online Food Compliance Assessments at GSFC 2015

US Food Pesticides

FDA and USDA finalize the date of the uniform compliance for the new food labeling regulations

Taiwan Food and Drug Administration published “management on advertisement and promotion method for food not suitable for children’s long term consumption”

Taiwan Food and Drug Administration published amendment on “Good Manufacturing practice on flour product”

New amendments for Canada Pesticides residues in food

New amendment for Canada food Additives

General office of the ministry of agriculture ask for revision advice on “agriculture food quality safety law”

EU Veterinary Drugs amendment

China National heath and family planning commission published 31 draft food safety standards and 1 draft food safety standard amendment

China National heath and family planning commission published 13 food safety standards and 1 food safety standard amendment

China general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine released unqualified list of imported food and cosmetics

China food and drug administration issued 5 registration and inspection institutions of health food

Release a Public Consultation on Guidelines Related to EU Allergen Labeling (1169/2011)

Overview of FDA Labeling Requirements for Restaurants and Vending Machines

Legislation interpretation or fraud - The Seaweed case

Food safety scandals in China – why improved regulation will not ease the situation

FDA Alerts Egg and Egg Product Exporters to New USDA Procedures

US Food Pesticides

FDA Develops Online Learning Module to Help Ensure Proper Labeling of Seafood Products

The European Union has a new Commissioner for Health and Food Security

Taiwan Food and Drug Administration published “Good Manufacturing practice on pickling fruits and vegetables industry”

Taiwan Food and Drug Administration published “food industry which should establish food and related products’ traceability system”

Taiwan Food and Drug Administration published “Food Good Manufacturing practice”

Shanghai Food and Drug Administration published the inspection result on Second quarter of beverages, dairy products and condiments

China National heath and family planning commission published “management on directory of material which belong to both food and chinese herbal(draft)” and ask for public comments

China National heath and family planning commission published 121 draft food safety standards

China Ministry of Agriculture published “Maximum residue limits for 58 pesticides in food(draft)”

New amendments for Canada Pesticides residues in food

New amendments for Canada food Additives

EU Food Pesticide Amendments.

China Food and Drug Administration published new draft regulations on nutritional supplements

Food Licensing & Registration System (FLRS)

FDA: Finding Food Allergens Where They Shouldn't Be

Codex food Additive Updates entered into GSFA online (2014)

US Food Pesticides

New Amendments for Canada Pesticides residues in Food

New amendments for Canada food Additives

TFDA published forecast of amending “Sanitation standard for aquatic products”

TFDA published “food industry which should registration before do business, the food enterprise’s category, size and implement date”

NHFPC published “reply on pathogens limits in imported raw aquatic products”

NHFPC published “list of non-food material which may be illegally added to food”

NHFPC published “guidance on establishing and taking record of local food safety standards”

NHFPC published 94 draft food safety standards

Mexico Food Additives: New Amendment

EU Food Additive Amendments

Brazil Food Additives for Meat and Meat Products

Gluten Free in Europe

FSIS Issues Updated Directive Revision 20

Us Pesticides in Food

EU Veterinary Drugs

EU Food Additive Amendments

Taiwan's Ministry of Health and Welfare published “single formula food additive should be clearly marked with license number”

Taiwan's Ministry of Health and Welfare published “Inspection of food industry category, inspection frequency and other related matters”

Taiwan's Ministry of Health and Welfare published amendment to “General on heavy metal testing method”, amendment to “testing method of heavy metal in rice - mercury” and new release of “testing metho

NHFPC Published revised edition of Q&A on “food labeling for prepackage special dietary food (GB13432-2013)”

NHFPC published Notice 2014 No. 17: Approval of 2 new food additives and expand the usage of 2 existing food additives

NHFPC published the collected name list of new food ingredient and common food

FSANZ Notification circular - Subscribers [17-14] [28 August 2014]

Antibiotic resistance in the spotlight

US Pesticides Residues in Food

European Commission: No New Amendments

EFSA: Pesticides Peer Review

Food Enzymes: Suitability Checklist Helps Applicants Submit Correct Data

USDA Announces New Inspection System for Poultry Products to Better Fight Pathogens

Taiwan's Ministry of Health and Welfare released amendment to “Enforcement rules of the act governing food safety sanitation ”

Taiwan's Ministry of Health and Welfare Food and Drug Administration published amendment of "pesticide residue tolerance standard"

NHFPC published Notice 2014 No. 15: Approval of new food ingredient Theanine and regulate fucose as normal food

FDA Gluten-Free Label Rules Goes Into Effect August 5, 2014

NHFPC Office published reply on oxhide gelatin, deer-horn gelatin and Colla Carapacis

EFSA recommends changes in intake levels of energy, macronutrients and micronutrients in infant and follow-on formulae

Codex Alimentarius Commission, 37th Session, July 2014

US Animal Drugs

FDA Issues Guidance on Use of Nanotechnology in Regulated Products

Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare released “Labeling rules for Food utensils, food containers and packaging items”

Taiwan's Ministry of Health and Welfare published amendment of “baby food hygiene standard”

NHFPC published risk assessment report on plasticizer in liquor products

NHFPC published Notice 2014 No. 12: Approval of new food ingredient Aspalathus Linearis (Brum.f.) R.Dahlgren

NHFPC published Notice 2014 No. 11: Approval of 2 new food additives and expand the usage of 4 existing food additives

NHFPC published Notice 2014 No. 10: Approval of 6 new food ingredient

Antibiotic resistance in the spotlight

EU Veterinary Drug Amendments.

Mexico and Russia food laws data are now published!

EU Food Pesticide Amendments.

EU Food Additive Amendments

FDA’s Compliance Guide on Gluten-Free Labeling for small businesses

US Pesticides Residues in Food

Indonesia launched the e-registration service for Food Products

Commission Regulation (EU) No 588/2014

Amendments in Commission Regulation (EC) No 1333/2008 and Commission Regulation (EU) No 231/2012

Taiwan's Ministry of Health and Welfare Food and Drug Administration released "packaged food which may be exempted from nutrition labeling " and abolished " food categories which shall be labeled nutr

Taiwan's Ministry of Health and Welfare Food and Drug Administration released "labeling rules for flavor in food "

Taiwan's Ministry of Health and Welfare Food and Drug Administration published amendment of "pesticide residue tolerance standard"

National Health and Family Planning Commission published report on " work progress and work plan of food safety standards and food safety monitoring assessment"

National Health and Family Planning Commission published Notice 2014 No.9: approval of 2 new food additives and expand the usage of 6 existing food additives

National Health and Family Planning Commission published Notice 2014 No.8: Adjusting the usage of aluminum-containing food additives

Israeli Minister of health launch Efsharibari (Health is Possible) Voluntarily Label

New FDA safety standards for infant formula to take effect in September

FDA Plans Public Meeting and Extends Comment Period on Proposed Rules on the Nutrition and Supplement Facts Labels

Commisison Regulation (EU) No 491/2014

FDA Approves New High-Intensity Sweetener Advantame

Draft Guidance for Industry: Food Allergen Labeling Exemption Petitions and Notifications

US Pesticides Residues in Food

FDA Releases Operational Strategy Document for Implementing FSMA

Labeling Rules and Nutritional Claims are now released!

FDA Rule Prohibits Certain Nutrient Content Claims for Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

Commission Regulation (EU) No 497/2014

Commission Regulation (EU) No 398/2014

Taiwan FDA published “requirements on Nutrition label for Packaged Food”

Taiwan FDA published “registration of food additive practitioner”

Taiwan FDA publised amendment to “pesticide residue limits”

Taiwan FDA forecast publish of “requirements on Nutrition claim for Packaged Food” and repeal of “Regulation on Nutrition claim for Packaged Food”

National Health and Family Planning Commission published Notice 2014 No. 7: releasing 17 national food safety standards and 2 amendments

National Health and Family Planning Commission published Notice 2014 No. 6: Approval 6 kinds of new food ingredients

National Health and Family Planning Commission published Notice 2014 No. 5: approve 4 new food additive and expand usage range of 2 exist food additive

National Health and Family Planning Commission issued " Q & A of GB13432-2013 labeling rules for prepackaged special dietary food”


New European Commission Implementing Regulation for pharmacologically active substances

US Pesticides residues in food, new tolerances from EPA

US Animal Drugs

Availability of FSIS Compliance Guidelines for Allergens and Ingredients of Public Health Concern (Identification, Prevention and Control, and Declaration Through Labeling)

US Listing of Color Additives Exempt From Certification; Spirulina Extract

US Food Safety Modernization Act News

FSIS Issues Updated Directive Revision 18

Codex Electronic Working Groups

New amendment in European food pesticides regulation

New amendments in European food additives regulation

COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 364/2014 of 4 April 2014

COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 298/2014 of 21 March 2014

Taiwan FDA forecast amendment of food additives usage and specifications

Agenda of Codex Committee on Pesticides Residues in foods

Taiwan FDA publised amendment to " veterinary drug residue limits"

Report of the forty-sixth session of the Codex committee on food additives

New GB 2763 2014 Pesticides Residues Limits

National Health and Family Planning Commission published Notice 2014 No. 3: Revision of food additives and nutritional supplements standard

Pesticides residues in food, new tolerances from EPA

Agenda of Codex Committee on Contaminants in foods

Food Safety and Standards (Packaging and Labeling) Regulations in India

The main novelties of the regulation 1169/2011 compared to Directive No 2000/13/EC and Directive No 90/496/EEC

FSIS Directive 7221.1: Prior Labeling approval

NHFPC release 6 new food raw material candidates

New Commission Recommendation on Acrylamide levels in food

New amendment in European Food Additives Regulation

EU Published new MRLs for 2,4-D, beflubutamid, cyclanilide, diniconazole, florasulam, metolachlor and S-metolachlor, and milbemectin

Amendment of Annex I to Directive 2002/32/EC - Food Contaminants MRLs

Amendment Annex I to Directive 2002/32/EC - Food Additives

Published labeling rule on prepackaged beverages which claimed to contain fruit/vegetable juice"…

Update on Codex activities for contaminants, in particular mycotoxins…

NHFPC drafted "systemize the food related product standards" and asked for comments…

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