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European Union (EU) Food Recalls on Multiple on Food Products – November 2019

Posted by Lionello Sannuto on Nov 7, 2019

On November 04 and 06, 2019, the European Union (EU) has issued multiple notifications on recalled food products, as reported in the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF).

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Topics: Food Safety, European Union

Canada Additive Changes Relevant for Dairy, Meat and Beverages

Posted by Lionello Sannuto on May 24, 2017

Health Canada, after assessing the safety of the additives proposed, established some changes in the following lists of additives:

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Topics: Canada, Health Canada, Food Enzymes

Italy Now Regulates Indication of Origin for Dairy

Posted by Lionello Sannuto on May 12, 2017

During the first quarter of 2017, the Italian government published two Decrees in the Official Gazette:

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Topics: Italy, Dairy, Health Claims, Nutritional Claims

South Africa About to Change Pesticide MRLs

Posted by Lionello Sannuto on May 8, 2017


South African Department of Health is looking to amend the Regulation governing the maximum limits for pesticide residues that may be present in in foodstuffs, published under Government Notice No. R 246 of 11 February 1994 and its amendments.

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Topics: Food Safety, South Africa, Pesticides, MRLs

Canada Updates Vet Drug Residue Limits in Food

Posted by Lionello Sannuto on Apr 20, 2017

Health Canada in order to improve food safety, updates the List of Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) for Veterinary Drugs in Foods.

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Topics: Veterinary Drugs, Canada, Health Canada

Switzerland Labeling Reference Guide Available

Posted by Lionello Sannuto on Apr 12, 2017

Labeling Reference Guide for Switzerland is available in our RegData® library.

This is a comprehensive and user-friendly tool, created by our in-house experts that can help you find your way around complex labeling rules set by food regulator in Switzerland. It is aimed to provide guidance on which information is mandatory, which parts of it are voluntary and what should a label actually look like. Remember that you can try RegData® for free.

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Topics: Switzerland

Canada: March 2017 Pesticide MRLs Update

Posted by Lionello Sannuto on Mar 31, 2017

Health Canada published this month via its MRL Database different new MRLs for the following substances:

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Topics: Canada, Pesticides, Health Canada, PMRA, MRL

Canada Additives: Recent Amendments

Posted by Lionello Sannuto on Mar 27, 2017

Health Canada, which is the competent authority in charge for the food safety assessments, during the first three months of 2017 published five amendments for three different lists of permitted food additives.

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Topics: Canada, Health Canada

CETA: How the New Trade Deal will Affect EU GI products?

Posted by Lionello Sannuto on Feb 13, 2017

The EU - Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is a new trade agreement that is expected to facilitate exchange of goods and services between these two countries. The EU and Canada have signed the Agreement on October 30, 2016. However, before the agreement enters into force, it needs to be approved by the EU Parliament and then ratified by each of the EU Member States.

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Topics: European Union, Canada, CETA

Swiss-Origin Labelling Rules Change from 2017

Posted by Lionello Sannuto on Jan 3, 2017

Starting from January 1, 2017 a new legislation on source of origin and geographical indications will enter into force in Switzerland. This is a new Implementing ordinance that is regulating how products can be labeled, in relation to the geographic origin of their ingredients. The ordinance was adopted December 2 and is now referred to as the Swissness Law.

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Topics: Switzerland

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