South African Department of Health amended the Regulation governing tolerances for fungus-produced toxins in foodstuffs that was previously regulated by Government Notice No. R 1145 of October 8, 2004.

In the Government Notice No. 987 of 5th September 2016 South African authorities have introduced new limits for the following substances:

Deoxynivalenol  with limit 2000 µg/kg in cereal grains (wheat, maize and barley) intended for further processing and limit 1000 µg/kg in flour, meal, semolina and flakes derived from wheat, maize or barley, ready for human consumption.

Fumonisins (B1 + B2) with limit 4000 µg/kg in raw maize grain, intended for further processing and limit 2000 µg/kg in maize flour and maize meal, ready for human consumption.

This regulation entered into force on September 5, 2016. Furthermore, the Department of Health published a proposal regarding the maximum levels of metals in foodstuffs. This draft, which is open for public consultation until December 6, 2016, will repeal the following regulations:

• Government Notice No. 500 of April 30, 2004, as amended by Government Notice No. 545 of May 23, 2008.

• The Regulations Regarding Food and Water Vessels published under Government Notice No. 1575 of September 10, 1971.

And it will establish new levels for the following substances in different foods:

• Antimony.
• Arsenic (total and Inorganic).
• Cadmium.
• Lead.
• Mercury.
• Methylmercury.
• Tin.

Posted by Selerant RSA on Sep 9, 2016

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