Us Pesticides Tolerance

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released new pesticides tolerances for the following substances:

04/03/2015  Diflubenzuron (40 CFR 180.377 ) -  EPA extended the toleranceexpiration date forAlfalfa, forage and Alfalfa, hay (until 12/31/2017).
Fluridone (40 CFR 180.420) - EPA extended the tolerance expiration date for Cotton, underlined seed (0.1 ppm)(12/31/2017).

04/10/2015 Pyraclostrobin (40 CFR 180.582) - Tolerances for residues for commodities, Fruit, stone, group 12-12 (2.5ppm), Nut, tree, group 14-12, except pistachio (0.04ppm), have been changed; Dill, seed (40ppm) and Herb subgroup19A (40ppm) have been added.

04/17/2015 Carbofuran (40 CFR 180.254) - EPA removed the timeline of the tolerances for residues for commodities,  Banana (0.1ppm), Coffee, bean, green (0.1ppm), Rice, grain (0.2ppm) and Sugarcane, cane (0.1ppm).

04/22/2015Saflufenacil (40 CFR 180.649) - Tolerances for commodities, Alfalfa, forage (0.08ppm) and Alfalfa, hay (0.10ppm) have been added.

04/23/2015 Bicyclopyrone (40 CFR 180.682) -Tolerances for these commodities: