On February 09, 2020, the Codex Alimentarius has issued new amendments to the following product standards:

  • CXS 114-1981 Standard for Quick Frozen French Fried Potatoes;
  • CXS 130-1981 Standard for Dried Apricots;
  • CXS 113-1981 Standard for Quick Frozen Green and Wax Beans;
  • CXS 112-1981 Standard for Quick Frozen Brussels Sprouts;
  • CXS 240-2003 Standard for Aqueous Coconut Products - Coconut Milk and Coconut Cream;
  • CXS 160-1987 Standard for Mango Chutney;
  • CXS 143-1985 Standard for Dates;

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Posted by Nevena Vujosevic on Feb 11, 2020

Food Regulatory Specialist at Selerant

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