On October 29, 2019, the Codex Alimentarius has issued a new amendment to “CXS 74-1981 Standard for Processed Cereal-Based Foods for Infants and Young Children.“

The scope of the standard is “processed cereal-based foods intended for feeding infants as a complementary food generally from the age of 6 months onwards, taking into account infants’ individual nutritional requirements, and for feeding young children.“

The amendment repeals the Codex Standard 74-1981 of September 21, 2017. In particular, limitations on three food additives have been removed: monosodiumtartrate (335i), monopotassium tartrate -L(+) form only (336i) and dipotassium tartrate -L(+) form only (336ii).

Read the full text of the standard here or in our Food Law Library.


Posted by Nevena Vujosevic on Oct 31, 2019

Food Regulatory Specialist at Selerant

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