Egypt: Food Additives Legislation Overview


Egyptian Standards and Metrology Organization (ESO) published a new additive regulation (Decree No. 2111/2016 of the Minister of trade and industry) in November last year.

This decree is harmonizing data on additives in one comprehensive regulation, instead of multiple standards, as was the case previously.

It is considered that Egypt has reformulated and updated the standards in order to be compliant with Codex and cover a wider range of food commodities.

The latest changes are expected to make access to complete and accurate food legislation easier for food manufacturers and exporters for specific food categories.

Most significant changes in the new regulation include:

  • A structured table tree for food commodities that covers many products
  • All additives functional classes are included in the new regulation instead of single specific functional use class/classes in previous standards
  • Almost all food categories and groups are integrated inside the new regulation other than partial covered categories in past standards versions
  • Integration of Codex data in the national regulation
  • Only the listed additives in the regulation should be used
  • This regulation repeals a number of standards previously issued.


Article 1 of the Decree, lists standards related to additives which are now considered as superseded:

Egyptian Standard Number Corresponding EU legal act
Standard No. 7114 / 2010
Colours for use in foodstuffs (and its Amendments ) Directive no 94/36/EC

Standard No. 7115 / 2010

Sweeteners for use in foodstuffs (and its Amendments ) Directive no 94/35/EC
Standard No. 7116 / 2010 Food additives other than colours and sweetener (and its Amendments ) Directive no 95/2/EC

Article 2 of the Decree stipulates it is mandatory to apply the Decree of Ministry of health and population Decree No. 204/2015 and its amendments on the permissible Food Additives for use in food products.

The latest standards and updates will be included in RegData®, our global food legislation database, soon.

Full text of the Decree is available in Selerant’s Food Law Library of the FNMS . Please contact us for information on how to access the latest food regulations and news. Additive limits for Egypt will shortly become part of our RegData®.

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