On May 8 and 14, Health Canada released two new amendments for the List of Permitted Emulsifying, Gelling, Stabilizing or Thickening Agents.

In the amendments NOM/ADM-0113 and NOM/ADM-0114, Health Canada confirmed the list of food categories in which Tamarind gums and Tara gums can be used. Depending on the food category, the gums can be used independently or in combination with the others from the List of Permitted Food Additives with particular limits.

The usage of Tamarind gum and Tara gum is effective from May 8, 2018 and May 14, 2018 respectively. The limits of each food category can be found under subsection T.2A and T.2B here.

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Posted by Baviya Priyadharshini on May 16, 2018

Selerant Regulatory Specialist

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