Peru Adopts National Regulation on Pesticide MRLs


Peru will no longer follow the CODEX regulation CAC/MRL1 and its amendments for the pesticide MRLs in food. Peruvian General Direction of Environmental Health and Food Safety (DIGESA) has released the Ministerial Resolution No. 1006-2016/MINSA, published on December the 30th in the Official Journal “El Peruano”, approving the NTS No. 128-MINSA/2016/DIGESA Technical standard that lays down the MRLs for pesticides of agriculture use in food for human consumption. 

The technical standard is mandatory at national level for all natural and legal persons associated with production, primary processing and industrial manufacturing of foodstuffs of plant origin.

The standard NTS No. 128-MINSA/2016/DIGESA lists pesticides and their maximum residue limits (MRLs), permitted in specific food categories or vegetables.

The dissemination, enforcement and supervision of the implementation of this Resolution is responsibility of the General Direction of Environmental Health and Food Safety (Dirección General de Salud Ambiental e Inocuidad Alimentaria - DIGESA) of Peru.

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