Peru Sets Criteria for Dairy Product Names

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The Peruvian General Direction of Environmental Health and Food Safety (DIGESA) released on June 19, 2017 the Technical Criteria to denominate milk and dairy products and other products having as ingredients milk and dairy products.

These products are subject to the Health Registration of Food for human consume according to the Annex, as part of the new Directorial Resolution No. 0043-2017/DIGESA/SA “Technical criteria applicable to assign the name to foods such as milk, dairy products and other products containing milk or dairy ingredients subject to registration of food for human consumption”

Technical criteria listed in the Annex of the Resolution:

  1. When the Codex Alimentarius states specific standards for products such milk, dairy products among others, the denomination (name) must comply with those standards, in agreement with Supreme Decree No. 007-98-SA.
  2. The denomination of products not listed in the Specific Codex Standards must follow the General Codex Standard for the Use of Dairy Terms: Codex Stan 206-1999.
  3. For products not listed in any Codex Standard containing milk or any dairy ingredient as essential part for the characterization of the product in quantitative terms (> 60%) in the final product (packaged) and contain in their composition other no dairy ingredient(s) intended to substitute partially any dairy ingredient, the product must be classified as "Compound milk mixtures".
  4. Those products having 60% or less of milk or any dairy product in their final composition cannot include the term "dairy" in their denomination (name).

The Resolution states that all products with a Health Registration that falls in the technical criteria (listed above) must adopt the necessary measures to be compliant with the rules within 7 working days. The products will be subject to control and inspection to verify the accomplishment with the denomination of products.

The Certification and Authorizations Direction inside the DIGESA will be the Authority responsible for the compliance of this Directorial Resolution.

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