How South Korea Food Code Regulation Will Become More Sound

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On November 17, 2017, the Korea Ministry of Food and Drug (MFDS) proposed the revision of the general regulation of food standards and specifications ‘Food Code and Specification Regulation’ (Food Code).

The proposal includes all previous amendments of "livestock product processing standards and ingredient specifications" (Livestock Product Code). The old livestock product code will be repealed by the new food code on January 1, 2018. The proposal also helps improve the management of food and livestock product classification and consistently implements the food code regulation.

History behind the regulation

South Korea has detected eggs contaminated with the pesticide fipronil and has momentarily banned egg products from all farms with more than 3,000 hens. Since this egg crisis, consumers have been questioning the safety management of egg products in the market.

In response, MFDS increased efforts to conduct inspections of farms, expand the testing items of egg products and unify the labelling method for eggshells.

Additionally, the information on sanitation standards for egg products, hygienic testing method of egg products, and clear marking of spawning day of eggs with license number and breeding environment will be required in the new food code regulation.

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