There are a variety of dairy products in the supermarket: fresh milk (鮮乳), sterilized milk (保久乳), flavored milk (調味乳), and many more.

In order to make it easy for consumers to identify different categories of dairy products, Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) released provisions on names and labeling requirements of dairy products “Regulations Governing the Product Names and Labeling of Prepackaged Fresh Milk, Sterilized Milk, Flavored Milk, Milk Drink, and Milk Powder”.

According to the above regulation, only products using more than 50% of milk as raw materials can be named “milk,” "flavored milk," “milk drink,” or other similar phrases. Modified milk powder products must have a label clearly indicating the actual percentage of milk powder content.

Got milk(s)?

TFDA recommends that when choosing dairy products, consumers must first understand thier own needs, and then select the product according to the categories by reading its label.

For instance, nutrition content of sterilized milk and fresh milk have little difference; however, sterilized milk can be stored at room temperature. Sterilized dairy products should clearly declare "sterilized" and the sterilization process outlined on the label.

Dairy products that contain banana or chocolate in the formula are children’s favorites. These products may be named “Flavored milk (調味乳)” or “Milk drink (乳飲品)”. The difference between "Flavored milk (調味乳)" and "Milk drink (乳飲品)" are the raw ingredients:

"Flavored milk" uses raw milk, fresh milk or sterilized milk as the raw ingredient.

"Milk drink" uses reconstituted milk as the raw ingredient.

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Posted by Annie He on Nov 14, 2017

Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Specialist

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