Switzerland Labeling Reference Guide Available

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Labeling Reference Guide for Switzerland is available in our RegData® library.

This is a comprehensive and user-friendly tool, created by our in-house experts that can help you find your way around complex labeling rules set by food regulator in Switzerland. It is aimed to provide guidance on which information is mandatory, which parts of it are voluntary and what should a label actually look like. Remember that you can try RegData® for free.

Labeling Legislation in Switzerland

In Switzerland, the law regarding the labeling of prepackaged foodstuffs was taken the 23rd November 2005 and it was published on 1 January 2006, date from which entered into force.

The Last version of the “Ordonnance du DFI sur l’étiquetage et la publicité des denrées alimentaires (OEDAl)” was published 25th March 2014, but on 16th December 2016 a new ordinance on labeling of foodstuff have been publish and will enter into force on 1st May 2017.

This law is a horizontal one, and it is published on the Classified compilation of the Switzerland Federal Council.

Which information is Mandatory?

Labeling of packaged food products shall include the following information:

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Which is the Standard Template for the Nutritional Table?

According to the actual legislation, the nutritional information is not mandatory and the legislation does not provide a preset template. Below is a guiding presentation of the nutritional table (in English, but the legislation tells that at least one of the three official languages should be used).

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For a complete overview of Labeling Requirements for the Switzerland market (in English), please go to our RegData® database to download the reference guide. You can subscribe for a free trial of RegData®.

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