The Chilean Ministry of Health releases the first amendment of 2017 of the Food Safety Regulation


A new Decree amending the Supreme Decree No. 977, Food Safety Regulation, was published in the National Congress Library of Chile (in Spanish) on January 18th, 2017. The Decree No. 37 modifies the definition of butter in the article 225: “Butter without any other denomination, is the dairy product that derives exclusively from the pasteurized cream of milks”. The article also mentions that products using the expression “butter of fantasy”, without referring to a dairy product, should use a specific label according to the real nature of the ingredient.

The second and third modifications are applicable in Paragraphs II “Juices, nectars and fruits and vegetables concentrates” related to the minimum values of soluble solids in fruits stablished in the article 487 and the label instructions for “Fancy water” as liquid coming from a vegetable species.

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