Taiwan Changes Labeling Rules for Butter, Cream, Margarine and Fat Spreads

Posted by Annie He on Feb 24, 2017

On February 6, 2017, Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) published announcement to release“Regulations Governing the Product Names and Labeling of Prepackaged Butter, Cream, Margarine and Fat Spreads”. This regulation will take effect on July 1, 2017(decided by manufacturing date).

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Topics: Product Standards, Taiwan, Ffood Labeling, TFDA, Dairy

Upcoming Changes to Canada’s Food Labeling Regulation

Posted by Suzana Tripologos on Jan 30, 2017

On December 14, 2016, the Government of Canada published the “Regulations Amending the Food and Drug Regulations (Nutrition Labelling, Other Labelling Provisions and Food Colours)” in the Canada Gazette Part II, which outlined the new requirements for food labeling in Canada.  

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Topics: Nutrition Facts, Canada, Ffood Labeling, Nutrients

US FDA Nutrition Facts Label Update: Two Guidance Documents Open for Industry Comments

Posted by Suzana Tripologos on Jan 12, 2017

On January 4, 2017, two draft guidance documents were issued by the FDA (not for implementation at this time). Industry has 60 days to provide comments before the final documents are issued.

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Topics: United States, Nutrition, Ffood Labeling, USFDA

Swiss-Origin Labelling Rules Change from 2017

Posted by Lionello Sannuto on Jan 3, 2017

Starting from January 1, 2017 a new legislation on source of origin and geographical indications will enter into force in Switzerland. This is a new Implementing ordinance that is regulating how products can be labeled, in relation to the geographic origin of their ingredients. The ordinance was adopted December 2 and is now referred to as the Swissness Law.

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Topics: Switzerland, Ffood Labeling

China Authorities Carry Out Additional Checks on Infant Formula Labels

Posted by Annie He on Dec 16, 2016

Chinese authorities have recently identified that a significant number of infant formula powder labels are in violation of food safety laws and regulations. This finding has been identified during routine food safety inspections done by local food and drug regulatory authorities. Key incompliances identified include product name, label content, ingredient content and function claims.

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Topics: China, Ffood Labeling, Infant Formula

Singapore Labeling Reference Guide Now Available

Posted by Cecilia Morsilli on Nov 30, 2016

Labeling Reference Guide for Singapore is available in our RegData library.

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Topics: Singapore, Ffood Labeling

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