3 Ways to Overhaul Your Innovation Approach to Get Contemporary Products on Market Faster

Posted by Selerant on Feb 26, 2019

In 2019, consumer demand is leading manufacturers to bring not just new products to the shelves, but a crop of entirely new eating occasions: From healthy pre-packaged or frozen meal alternatives to complete meal replacement like protein powder and shakes, consumer preferences are driving manufacturers to create a larger variety of contemporary products.

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Topics: PLM for food and beverage, Product Formulation & Recipe Management

The New Dilemma for Cosmetic Manufacturers: Global Formulations with Country-Specific Certifications

Posted by Selerant on Feb 12, 2019

Today's cosmetics and personal care manufacturers serve many hyper-nuanced customer bases with customized product lines across the world. This potential for global reach provides rapid market growth and, along with it, a tangled web of regulatory compliance that can be increasingly difficult to unpack as new markets emerge and rapidly change.

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Topics: new product development, formula-based PLM, product formulation, PLM for cosmetics

How to Take Data Governance from a Siloed Approach to a Systematic Process

Posted by Jenna Fu on Dec 18, 2018


From getting products to market and registered in multiple countries, to translating innovation requests into product launches and juggling the global costs of goods in a complex portfolio, process-based manufacturers aren’t just dealing with more data--they’re dealing with the need to have deeper connectivity between data systems. Implementing a comprehensive data governance plan across these initiatives can quickly turn into a trip to uncharted waters.

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Topics: Data Harmonization, Data Management, Product Lifecycle Management Software, data governance

[INFOGRAPHIC] 9 Things to Know About Formula-Based PLM

Posted by Selerant on Nov 13, 2018

This content originally appeared in our User Conference Day 1 and User Conference Day 2 blog posts. 

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Topics: PLM ROI, formula-based PLM, PLM for food and beverage, PLM justification, PLM for chemicals, PLM business case, PLM for cosmetics

The Sugar Tax: How Manufacturers Can Gain an Edge without Losing on Cost

Posted by Selerant on Nov 6, 2018

The introduction of a Soft Drinks Industry Levy (SDIL) on soft drink beverages, sodas and fizzy juices in April of this year in the sweetened the deal for health-conscious consumersand soured the existing formulations of many beverage manufacturers.

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Topics: Product Lifecycle Management Software, reformulation, product formulation, sugar tax

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