Posted by Selerant on Sep 27, 2018

The 2018 North American User Conference continued the theme of “Growing Innovation” yesterday at the second day of insightful user presentations and discussion panels. Read a recap of Day 1 of the 2018 conference.

Innovation as a Driver & Indicator of Organizational Growth

The impact that product and process innovation has on organization growthand how leading manufacturers are driving and measuring those growth indicatorswas a significant topic underpinning user discussions. For leading companies, using PLM to harness and innovate around business processes complexity was a core step to powering organizational growth.

panelExpert panel participants from multiple industries discuss operational growth and PLM

During a panel discussion on organizational growth, Selerant users across multiple industries highlighted just how critical PLM is to realizing capital gains, market expansion and core corporate initiatives.

  • “PLM helped provide a process framework to do the right thing the first time. Before, too many systems and disjointed processes and organizational chaos. Now, we can catch the things that won’t be successful sooner, and we can concentrate on things that will win in the marketplace.” - Tammy Barr, VP IS/CIO at Continental Mills

  • “It helped us institute a governance process in an organic way. We’re getting products out faster with fewer mistakes and focusing on the ones that are bringing the most value to the customer.” - Alex Dobrian, PLM Project Manager at New Avon
  • Getting your information into partner systems is difficult for an international company. The efficiency of being able to put product information into digestible formats and forms for vendors, co-packers and other partners has been tremendous for us to expand into new markets.” - Jimmy Bookstore, VP of Product Development at Brown-Forman

  • “Because of Devex, we implemented an actual project management department. Now, our marketers are freed up to focus on increasing sales and meeting what the consumers want.” - Caspar Mulder, Research And Development Manager at Ghirardelli

  • “We started in R&D, but it improved collaboration and communication everywhere. We now involve Marketing and Sales upfront. They know what’s coming before it hits the plant. We’ve incorporated financial pieces and can prioritize all of our projects in all different areas based on ROI.” - Development Manager at a major chemicals company

Growth & Innovation Using Faster Formulation Speeds

Susan Kelley, Senior Research Scientists at Welch’s, talked about how the juice company uses the formulation module to quickly find, compare and update attributes across multi-use recipes, determine how those changes will affect cost and regulatory viability in new markets, reformulate annual crop attributes in a matter of hours and deliver nutritional fact panels and new products to customers on more competitive timelines.

“With Devex, we can speed up our product developers’ ability to see and use all the current experimental or current ingredients in our product portfolio. Instead of looking around the lab, they can see and use what’s available immediately,” said Kelley. “I can’t imagine not having Devex. In the last four years, we’ve really transformed our business.”

Growth & Innovation with Tighter System Integration

Bacardi’s New Product Developer Kari Bishop outlined a sophisticated integration between Devex, SAP and an MDG system that transformed every part of product development. Centralizing formula, specification management and knowledge management data created a single source of truth for BOM creation and liquid production development.

“By removing manual creation and information transfer, we can establish a lifecycle connection and keep sending information between all systems,” said Bishop. “The packaging developers and plants that are accessing the information are very happy with it. Being able to send product information out to each group with Devex quickly is so helpful.”

Growth & Innovation Using Regulatory Compliance During Market Expansion

An international liqueur company demonstrated how to best create a regulatory framework during major global expansions and brand acquisitions. By using Devex, the brand can research country-specific regulations for a product in a new market, translate outcomes into different languages and determine the product’s country-specific compliance viability in just one day, as well as reducing the brand's reliance on expensive third-party compliance consultancy.

“Not only can we transfer formulas from different country manufacturing plants, on the regulatory side, we know exactly what changes need to be made to make a product compliant for that market,” said the brand's Technical Center Manager. Devex revealed weaknesses in other systems and in our own processes that we were able to see and change.”

Selerant Product Roadmap

Selerant CTO Jacopo Colombo also provided a glimpse into how Selerant’s product roadmap supports organizational growth. With a clear emphasis on modularity and flexibility, new product features and updates will enable to improve collaboration and formulations speeds on an even larger scale through dynamic workflows, label visualization and more.

The most notable area of innovation came from the potential use of machine learning and artificial intelligence within formulation development. Selerant is working towards a set of tools that will be able to more accurately predict the performance of formulations and provide recommended ingredients based on historical data analysis.

All conference presentations will be made available on the Selerant website shortly following the conference.

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