Posted by Michelle Duerst on Jun 22, 2015

Customer Cosmetic Buying Trends and Demands

Cosmetic trends show an increasing market for all natural health and beauty products.

The following blog is detailed further in our Buying Trends Article.

Cosmetic Trends

Consumers demand ingredients that are better for their health and the environment:

  • Chemical-free
  • Allergen: either completely allergen free or reduced allergens
  • Alternative health solutions


Beauty products sales are soaring upwards $38 billion1[1]. If past years are indicative of the future, the following trends are positioned to escalate quickly in the future.


1. Cosmetics Involving Animal Cruelty

Consumers are concerned about the cosmetic products they use and the testing methods used to deem the products’ safety. Using animals in cosmetics and health products testing is negatively viewed from more than just a political vantage point. The PETA Organization (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has actively lobbied against, challenged and questioned the use of live animals in cosmetics manufacturing. Their efforts to educate both companies and consumers is being recognized with many countries, including the U.S., who now use alternative cosmetic testing procedures to provide safe, effective product use for consumers. 

2. Cosmetic Sustainable Packaging

Consumers take note of most manufacturers stance on green recycling and responsibility towards the environment with cosmetic products, and with their buying power, tend to favor those companies whose values match their own.

Consumers are interested in products that can be refilled, recycled and reused, whether the product is in jars or tubes.  

Sustainable NPDI Featuring Insight from Gartner and Nestlé

3. Allergen-Free vs. Hypoallergenic Cosmetics

A product touted as “allergen free cosmetics” is misleading because it conveys that consumers will not experience allergies if they use that particular product. Allergy issues and symptoms are a result of actions involving the person’s immune system. Because of this, it is difficult to target every individual since consumers react and respond differently to cosmetic products.  

4. Food Grade Cosmetics

“Healthier,” “cleaner” and “preservative-free” cosmetics are features that more consumers now seek in their beauty products. Consumers want products that are easier and gentler on their skin. They want products that won’t leave a negative residual cosmetic effect like as skin irritants, or that promote skin elasticity or reduce signs of premature aging.

Selerant Compliance Cloud Online Regulatory Database

Upcoming Beauty and Cosmetic Trends

Consumer buying trends for 2015 continue to focus on preferences and habits and on some products in particular. [2][4]

Preferences and Habits

  • Natural
  • Customer-Brand Interaction
  • Purchasing Options

Specific Product Trends

  • Bar soaps
  • Argan Oil
  • Coconut Oil


Cosmetic Trends

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