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As the volume, type and format of regulatory data continues to expand globally, companies are throwing more resources into collecting and maintaining regulatory data at every step of product development.

The release of DevEX 3.6 solves the challenge of these regulatory tasks with a new framework that offers wide-ranging regulatory data fields and templates for specific compliance scenarios. By integrating a sophisticated regulatory framework into a formula-based PLM system, Selerant's DevEX PLM greatly simplifies that collection of country-based regulatory data and makes it easy to see, access and update that data throughout the product life cycle.

New Compliance Data Fields

DevEX 3.6 includes new data updates that directly reflect current regulation changes across industries and geographies. Updates allow product developers to: 

  • Account for European Regulations for CLP 8th and 9th ATP.
  • Import a new set of regulatory data into the system:
    • Official classification of harmonized substances according to EU-CLP 9th ATP
    • SVHC, OEL and ACGIH classifications
    • ADR, IATA, IMDG and DOT information
  • Enable communication with National Poison Centers and use standards for connecting to the Spanish Toxicological Information System database.
  • Create “Exposure Scenarios” documents and export them to xml according to the ESCOM format 

Deeper Insight into Supplier Data 

Selerant’s Supplier Collaboration Portal, which digitizes supplier questionnaires and communications, now offers advanced supplier data management options to streamline and monitor collaboration points between product teams and suppliers and directly send supplier data into formula and specification templates.

Download the Ebook: 3 Ways to Streamline Supplier Collaboration During the Specification Lifecycle
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New features include:

  • Enhanced search among questionnaires, which can also be clustered based on their type (supplier, facility and material)
  • A sophisticated notification system that streamlines collaboration between suppliers and product development teams.
  • An embedded email tracking system that captures all vendor communication in one place.
  • Analytical charts for supplier questionnaires and messages that demonstrate total process efficiency

Learn more about DevEX 3.6 by scheduling a demo with us today.

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