Expedite Finished Product Management with Devex Baseline

Creating a finished product means compiling numerous formulas, Bills of Materials (BOMs), specifications and other data from previous phases of product development. The new DevEX Baseline system streamlines the creation, approval, activation and labeling of finished products with a standardized set of pre-built data fields, approval workflows and automated calculations available in one installation.

The DevEX Baseline Finished Product Management module connects and builds from the data configured and approved in the ingredient management, packaging management and formula management Baseline modules, creating more accurate end-to-end data management throughout your product lifecycle.

Whether your finished product contains one formula or an assortment of products, DevEX Baseline offers numerous methods of building, activating and labeling finished products.

Easily Build Flat and Assortment Products

Because finished products are built from data contained in formula specifications, DevEX Baseline provides the ability to create new finished products directly from approved formulas creating a direct link with your finished products’ BOMs.


DevEX Baseline automatically combines data from formulas and packaging objects to create finished products.

DevEX Baseline makes it easy to create both flat and hierarchical packaging BOMs, allowing to manage a wide range of finished products models. A finished product’s BOM can be a simple list of all packaging items and food formulas, or a hierarchy of several products from consumer unit up to shipping unit.

Once your finished product material or specification has been created, DevEX Baseline offers numerous data templates to ready your products for manufacturing. The first data template option offers data fields for standard BOM information. An additional set of data fields can be installed, including:

  • Marketing Data: Accounts for SKU numbers, product families, product descriptions and more.
  • Technical Data: Manage UPCs, 12-digit and 14-digit codes, overall weight and cost information.
  • Packaging Data: Provides roll-up calculations for packaging dimensions and packaging weights based on your formula net weights and on the hierarchy of finished products and packaging items.

Using these data fields saves your team from having to re-enter data stored in your formulas and specifications and increases the accuracy of your finished product calculations.

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Activate Finished Products through Workflows and Approvals

Once your product data has been set, you can activate the product manually or through material status changes directly from your finished product material. For companies that don’t need version tracking, the material status management option locks the finished product material from editing and initiates a review, sets and notifies approvers and activates the finished product for release to market. Status changes can also be used to deactivate and discontinue products that are no longer commercialized.

For companies that have well-defined business processes and require version control, DevEX Baseline can also facilitate the creation, review and activation process directly from finished product specifications.

DevEX Baseline comes with a finished product specification template that:

  • Links specifications to your finished product materials and synchronizes all data fields from finished product materials, including BOMs, the packaging information and shipping information.
  • Displays a drill-down of product hierarchies and completes calculations
  • Sets an approval timeline and status changes events, with simple drop-downs and notifications sent to selected approvers
  • Creates a report with BOM sections, marketing and packaging data, technical data and more

Any changes to a specification automatically synchronizes with your materials and formulas, creating a closed-loop data management process across your products.

Connect Product and Labeling Specifications

DevEX Baseline also connects your finished product to the labeling process. This streamlines the process for labeling assortments that combine multiple finished products. DevEX Baseline gives you the flexibility to label formulas and products separately and link them together or select and combine products into one label You can:

  • Create label specifications for your finished products and connect them to labels from your individual formulas
  • Build, activate and label multi-product assortments and link them to your activated finished product specifications
  • Copy and link country of origins from individual source formulas onto your multi-assortment product labels
  • Combine recipes and declare them together in one ingredient statement or nutritional panel

Benefits of DevEX Baseline for Finished Product Management

DevEX Baseline’s advanced configuration option offers the ability to quickly and accurately combine your product, packaging and food data into a complete, approved and activated finished products and complete the product lifecycle.

Download the Devex Baseline Data Sheet

With DevEX Baseline, your organization can:

  • Connect food and beverage formulas, packaging and more into finished products
  • Use built-in standard data fields to update product packaging BOMs and marketing, packaging and technical data
  • Build flat or hierarchical finished products BOMs
  • Calculate automatically finished products weight and dimensions
  • Track and control the approval process for finished products
  • Create and link individual product label specifications or create combined ingredient statements from multiple finished products.

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