Posted by Hollie Farrahi on May 17, 2018


Accounting for labeling requirements from the start of formula development helps maintain proper formatting and ensures that all necessary ingredient data is easily and accurately shared from trial documentation and product formulation into label specifications. 

Having a built-in labeling solution that can automatically gather ingredient data and format it into compliant labeling data fields and percentages not only reduces data entry errors but also simplifies product updates when re-formulation occurs or new labeling guidelines arise.

Labeling in DevEX 3.6

DevEX 3.6 eases the process of digitally generating and classifying your mandatory and voluntary legal label text needs for country-specific label requirements, streamlining and focusing on visual guidance to support you in the creation.

New labeling updates include the ability to:

  • Express Ingredient Label creation – see below for more details.
  • Calculate exact serving and portion sizes and related RACC nutritional facts, display them on nutritional labels and automatically round them to NFP formats. There are also two new dual-column NFP templates for these new sizes.
  • Calculate Daily Values by either calculated nutrient values or rounded declared nutrient values.
  • Show country-specific additive declarations and INS numbers.
  • Use country-specific rounding rules and NFP templates.
  • Displays dates of manufacturing.
  • Generate a complete set of reports on labeling.
  • Enhancements to the FOP Labeling needs. Examples below.

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Express Ingredient Statement Creation

The release of DevEX’s new express ingredient statement functionality, provides a visual user friendly tool to guide and support you with your Ingredient Label creation, where your labeling needs don’t require any of the advanced functionality that comes with our existing 4 step wizard approach.  This will allow you to see immediately the Ingredient Label for a chosen Country and language legislation and will allow you make changes to formatting, adding any cut off % to be considered and to allow you to easily add any grouping or formatting to the Allergens whilst always visually seeing how the Ingredient Label looks with any of those changes,  as well as being fully integrated with our translation engine to allow you to easily create your translated Ingredient Labels for any culture linked to the specified Country.

This new functionality will also support the product developers during in their work.

With a visual creator, product developers can ensure that labelling meets the exact formatting requirements for a variety of scenarios.  Seeing how formula decisions and label specifications will affect the final product label is difficult to model in early stages of product development; yet, labeling requirements often drive specific formulation choices.

Examples of FOP labels that can be created in DevEX 3.6 to meet the many different country specific legal obligations, including Mexico FOP templates, Traffic Light functionality as well as many more.


By baking these labeling needs and data objects in a digital PLM system, ingredient labels can be created in one system with more accuracy and users can more easily collect, approve and publish country-specific food labelling guidelines and NFP reports.

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