Why Quality Management Software Might Actually Be Limiting Your Product Quality Assessments

Posted by Michael Frankel on Apr 23, 2019

For Quality Managers involved in the product development process, tracking and enforcing quality data across multiple manufacturing plants, dozens of brands and subsidiaries, hundreds of suppliers, and thousands of formulas is a formidable task.

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How Maximum Consumer Awareness is Driving Minimalist Formulations for Cosmetics Brands

Posted by Selerant on Apr 17, 2019

More than ever before, modern cosmetics consumers are savvy about what ingredients they want to see in the cosmetics and beauty brands they use, down to the ingredient level.

The demand for green products that have minimal impact on the environment (both through the sourcing and manufacturing processes) as well as a minimal negative impact on health and wellness is drastically changing the type of ingredients consumers choose and expect to see on cosmetics labels.

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3 Ways Manufacturers Implement Flexible Data Management to Keep Up with Product Digitalization Trends

Posted by Selerant on Apr 11, 2019


From scanning item barcodes on their phone to automatically seeing suggested items in online shopping cards, today’s consumers want engaging, personalized digital experiences that offer on-demand product insight from food and beverage brands. In fact, a study from consulting firm RSM found that companies with digitally-transformed operations saw 18% higher gross margins than their competitors.

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4 Ways Food Manufacturers Can Win on Cost, Consumer and Material Standards

Posted by Selerant on Mar 22, 2019

With consumer preference for natural ingredients changing the nutritional composition of products, food and beverage manufacturers are finding that product formulation—and the sourcing of material sourcing—needs to be as flexible as possible to anticipate market demands.

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3 Ways Cosmetic Manufacturers Can Drive Portfolio Expansion in 2019

Posted by Selerant on Mar 20, 2019

For cosmetic manufacturers, creating competitive, modern product portfolios depends on how rapidly internal departments can capture and capitalize on shifting consumer trends in real time.

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