Managing a Global Product Pricing Process with PLM: An Interview with Selerant COO Sunil Thomas

Posted by Selerant on Aug 12, 2019

Recently, we sat down with Sunil Thomas, Selerant COO, to discuss the major challenges food manufacturers face in managing product costing. In our previous post, he discussed how brands can use a global formulation strategy to achieve economies of scale and quickly and costly-effectively implement product changes in response to commodity prices and market demand.

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Taking a Global Approach to Food Product Pricing: An Interview with Selerant COO Sunil Thomas

Posted by Selerant on Aug 5, 2019

To compete on price in the global marketplace, food manufacturers must track a huge array of cost factors across the product development steps, across markets, and across the supply chain. As brands further globalize their product lines, managing pricing decisions as part of a comprehensive enterprise strategy has become a critical need across departments.

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How to Set the Right Budget for Your PLM System

Posted by Selerant on Jul 10, 2019

Recently, we spoke with senior management among Selerant users about how they convinced their company leadership to greenlight an enterprise PLM project and software system.

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What is Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software, and why is it important for cosmetics manufacturers?

Posted by Selerant on Jul 2, 2019

The market wants what it wants. So, what are you going to do about it?

Product formulators in cosmetics companies are now more than ever overwhelmed by the influx of consumer and market-driven demands for new products.

From more sustainable packaging design to virtual makeup application experiences, consumers want and need more from cosmetics companies. They expect these demands to be met, and quickly.

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How to Get Executive Leadership On Board with a PLM Initiative

Posted by Selerant on Jun 24, 2019

For product groups looking for more efficient way to manage the many phases of product development under one system, getting executive leadership on board with an enterprise PLM system is an important and often overlooked part of the project initiative process.

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