Pre-Configured Ingredient Management with Devex Baseline

Customizing a PLM system to work for each unique business process involved in your product lifecycle can be time-consuming and expensive. The new DevEX Baseline offers 16 pre-configured business process templates for core steps in the product development process, from managing ingredients to developing formulas and finished product specifications for the Food & Beverage industry.

Each business process includes a bundle of common workflows, data configurations, user views, business blueprints and instructions for applying the business process elements for different working groups. Developed from analysis of target markets and PLM processes used at Selerant’s client companies across industries, these common business process packages can be installed individually or implemented together to quickly automate every step of the product lifecycle for your specific product data needs and product development workflows.


Packages specifically for Ingredient management help kick start the product development process. These bundles come with pre-built ingredient management data points, approval workflows and specifications. These templates accelerate the first steps in the product lifecycle by standardizing the ingredient data your team needs to gather to produce new and updated products.

DevEX Baseline includes bundles specifically for: 

  • Creating, Maintaining and Promoting Experimental Ingredients
  • Creating, Maintaining and Activating Approved Ingredients
  • Creating and Maintaining Material Masters for Manufacturing

Managing Experimental Ingredients with Predefined Data Points

At the start of the ingredient development process, DevEX Baseline offers multiple pre-built ingredient data templates, ranging from simple cost and physical attributes to advanced ingredient information, such as chemical properties and countries of origin. These templates form the building blocks for ingredient and material master specifications and ultimately product formulation. 

The system comes with three levels of ingredient data templates, enabling you to quickly install the ingredient management package that best fit your products’ complexities and your company’s compliance needs. Whether you need to create templates for simple cost and physical attributions, religious and dietary elements or detailed microbiological features, DevEX Baseline enables you to choose the best template for your operations.


These easy-to-use ingredient templates:

  • Simplify data gathering and ingredient complexity.
  • Enable ingredient data management at both the material or specification level.
  • Allow for roll-up calculations of physical properties such as moisture and density.
  • Automatically update product formulas and ingredient specifications with ingredient properties from experimental ingredients.
  • Provide the ability to capture a Certificate of Analysis and link test properties and test methods to your ingredient specifications for integration with lab systems.

Managing Approved Ingredients with Workflows & Approvals

Once the experimental ingredient template data fields are completed, pre-built workflows automatically transform experimental ingredients into approved ingredients and re-classify ingredient objects from the template in the background. 

These raw material workflows create a secondary approval step before using approved raw ingredients in a material master, adding another layer of quality control prior to manufacturing. Using status changes, the background approval workflows enable your organization to select groups of approvals and set reminders for different ingredients and business processes. Approvers can add comments, ask for a rework or cancel a raw ingredient. Ingredient data can even be locked during the approval process, or after ingredients have been approved.

The workflows make it easy to: 

  • Create multiple raw materials for multiple plants from the same experimental ingredient. For example, you could create an experimental ingredient for one plant, and then promote that ingredient to multiple raw materials for different plants.
  • Create ingredients material masters from active approved ingredients
  • Discontinue and re-activate approved ingredients and create new versions through the creation and promotion of new experimental ingredients.
  • Automatically activated approved ingredients for manufacturing.
  • Create summary reports of nutritional data.

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Managing Approved Ingredients as Material Masters for Manufacturing

Once product ingredients are ready to go to market, a simple action promotes the raw ingredient templates into a material master and activates it for manufacturing. This background process copies the raw material information and adds it into a material master object, which inherits data from the ingredient specification.

With this simplified action, you can:

  • Select a plant or multiple plants for manufacturing and create multiple material masters from one ingredient template.
  • Attach ingredient and other related specifications to material master objects. Any change you do at the ingredient specification level will automatically update in the material master.
  • Specify packaging details that are automatically built from packaging specifications.

Benefits of the DevEX Baseline System for Ingredient Management

Whether your company has a well-defined product lifecycle management process or you are just using structured ingredient data to build formulas, DevEX Baseline’s ingredient management bundles offer improved flexibility to standardize your unique ingredient data sets and expedite the product prototyping process. 

Download the Devex Baseline Data Sheet

With DevEX Baseline, your organization can:

  • Standardize and reuse ingredient templates for simplified ingredient data gathering.
  • Expedite ingredient approvals and product formulation time.
  • Provide flexibility and visibility into all steps of ingredient development by group and sharing common data throughout the ingredient creating process.
  • Maintain consistent status management for all ingredients material types throughout the product development process.
  • Use a default list of approvers by business process, ingredient type or specification and increase approval transparency.

DevEX Baseline Configuration Profiles for Food & Beverage: Express, Standard and Plus

DevEX Baseline Express-01.png

DevEX Baseline Standard-01.png


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