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The new Selerant DevEX Baseline system offers 16 pre-built business process bundles to standardize core aspects of product lifecycle management. In a previous post, we detailed how these bundles can be combined to facilitate better ingredient management.

DevEX Baseline also contains three pre-configured bundles for packaging management, which contain out-of-the-box packaging data fields, approval workflows, supplier links, status changes and packaging specification templates to streamline a variety of basic to advanced packaging scenarios.

Using these bundled templates, DevEX Baseline makes it easy to account for all your packaging properties in one place from the very start and expedite the packaging process from material creation to activation.

DevEX Baseline includes two packaging bundles:

  • Managing Packaging Commodities: Enables standardized data options and status changes for creating and activating packaging materials.
  • Managing Packaging Commodity Specifications: Controls packaging material data directly within your packaging specifications, enables version control of packaging data and creates more accurate calculations within formulas and finished products.

Depending on your packaging requirements and products, you can mix and match these three out-of-the-box bundles to create a controlled packaging process that is as simplified or detailed as needed. Stand-alone packaging bundles can be used separately or together for flexible packaging management.

Managing Packaging Commodities with Pre-Built Packaging Attribute Data Groups

Within all of three bundles, DevEX Baseline offers levels of pre-configured packaging data attribute groups for use in both packaging materials and specifications. The out-of-the-box data groups help retain accurate data when building your finished products and activating packaging objects. 

The Standard configuration provides data fields for managing general packaging information, suppliers, weight and dimensions properties. A Plus option is ideal for users who work with in-depth specifications and adds the ability to indicate performance, shipping details, material composition and more. 

No matter which data attribute group you use, these data templates allow you to quickly add in properties for all types of packages. You can select and create different package types, such as cartons and small bags, which will automatically show relevant packaging attribute data fields.


These packaging data options are available in both the packaging materials and packaging specification templates in DevEX Baseline, enabling flexible data management for all types of packaging processes.

DevEX Baseline packaging data attribute groups help:

  • Automatically account for different attributes for different types of packaging options.
  • Easily add in physical properties, such as weight, unit of measure, volume, porosity, shipping and storage requirements and more, depending on the detail of your packaging requirements.
  • Connect packaging data to packaging specifications, reducing data entry time and errors.
  • Link one or multiple vendors to packaging materials and specifications.

Activating Packaging Materials with Approval Workflows

Once you’ve set your packaging material data, the Managing Packaging Commodity bundle makes it easy to approve and activate it for use in your finished products. You can manually approve and activate it using a simple drop-down option.

DevEX Baseline also offers a built-in status change management option that automates review and approvals with pre-built workflows. Companies with a well-defined packaging review process can use status changes to track packaging data as it moves into an active stage.

The status management process enables you to:

  • Initiate a new or updated packaging material for review.
  • Automatically lock your material data while it is under approval.
  • Create a list of approvers from pre-defined groups and change them on the fly.
  • Indicate if a package material is Created, Initiated for Review, Approved and Active, In Use based on actions taken by reviewers.
  • Ensure all groups are working with the most recent packaging version and know the status at all times.
  • Control who can change a packaging material to active and in use in accordance with regulations.

In addition to activating packaging, these status options can also be used to discontinue packages and reactive previous package versions.

Activating Packaging Materials with Packaging Specification Templates

Download the Devex Baseline Data Sheet

For companies that use complex packaging specifications and packaging data to perform calculations at the finished product level, DevEX Baseline’s Managing Packaging Commodity Specification bundle eases the process.

This bundle combines all of the data and workflow options previously described into a pre-built packaging specification template and enables you to link your packaging material directly to your packaging specification.

With this template, you can control packaging data, track versions, facilitate status changes, add approvers, and drive other changes to the packaging material directly from the specification. DevEX Baseline allows the creation of specification templates for different package types.

Version control tracks changes made to the packaging material and linked specification, giving you insight into how your packaging data has been used. You can also decide to release a new packaging commodity at a future date by using the deferred release functionality offered with our packaging specifications. This bundle also provides an out-of-the box report about your packaging specification, outlining all the packaging data field values.


When all three Packaging bundles are combined, packaging materials can be linked to versioned packaging specifications and supplier data.

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Benefits of the DevEX Baseline for Packaging Management

DevEX Baseline’s packaging management bundles streamlines the packaging process from creation to activation with pre-built data and template options. No matter what method of packaging creation or combination of packaging bundles you use, the system will maintain accurate and complete data throughout your packaging process. 

With DevEX Baseline, your organization can:

  • Standardize and reuse templates for various levels of packaging requirements and complexity.
  • Use pre-built packaging data templates to keep all your packaging information in one place and reduce data entry re-work and errors.
  • Ensure packaging data accuracy by sharing data between packaging materials and specification
  • Use status management tools to track each step of the packaging creation, review, approval and activation process.
  • Automatically send packaging data into your finished products and formula calculation.
  • Connect vendors and suppliers to package types and specifications.

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