IT Governance in PLM Software, Featuring Insight from Gartner

Posted by Michelle Duerst on May 2, 2014

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Topics: DevEX, PLM, Best Practice Npdi, Integration, IT

Sustainable NPDI Featuring Insight from Gartner and Nestlé

Posted by Michelle Duerst on Apr 22, 2014

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Topics: Best Practice Npdi, Sustainability, EcodEX, Ecodesign

Global Best Practices Case Study: Lee Kum Kee

Posted by Michelle Duerst on Apr 16, 2014

Finding the Perfect Balance Between Innovation and Compliance 

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Topics: PLM, Compliance Guide, Best Practice Npdi, Compliance

4 Steps to Solving Outdated NPDI Communication

Posted by Michelle Duerst on Mar 6, 2014

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Topics: PLM, Best Practice Npdi, Data Harmonization, Collaboration

Integrating PLM with ERP and Legacy Systems

Posted by Michelle Duerst on Jan 21, 2014

How do you view a product's entire cost and scope?

  • Create a bridge between your PLM and ERP/legacy solutions.  
  • Push/pull information and create a comprehensive visibility for your entire product launch


  • View real product development and introduction costs
  • View final costs of finalized product
  • Integrate Ingredient data efficiently between the systems.
  • Reduce input errors and efficiency by real time transfer of material master data and Bill of Material (BOM)


  • Populating resource costs in Project and DevEX
  • Populating timelines in DevEX and ERP
  • Managing artwork in graphic art suites and DevEX


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Topics: Best Practice Npdi, Integration, ERP, IT

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