More Than a Pretty Face- Cosmetic Buying Trends

Posted by Michelle Duerst on Jun 22, 2015

Customer Cosmetic Buying Trends and Demands

Cosmetic trends show an increasing market for all natural health and beauty products.

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Topics: Sustainability, Compliance, Cosmetics, Personal Care

8 Customer Buying Trends:  Food & Beverage

Posted by Michelle Duerst on Jun 11, 2015


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Topics: PLM, Labeling, Sustainability, Food & Beverage, Compliance

Is it just a phase?

Posted by Michelle Duerst on Dec 9, 2014

Ensuring Return on Investment (ROI) for your Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Implementation

Part of the PLM selection process should include the total approach to implementing the solution. Some companies may look at a “Big Bang” approach, which essentially launches every module at the same time.

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Topics: PLM, IT, PLM Implementation, Compliance

Global Best Practices Case Study: Lee Kum Kee

Posted by Michelle Duerst on Apr 16, 2014

Finding the Perfect Balance Between Innovation and Compliance 

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Topics: PLM, Compliance Guide, Best Practice Npdi, Compliance

Finding Hidden Allergens and Ingredients, Featuring Gartner Insight

Posted by Michelle Duerst on Apr 7, 2014

Finding Hidden Allergens and Ingredients in Your Formulas

Hidden Allergens

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Topics: Best Practices NPDI, PLM, FDA, Food Additives, Compliance Guide, Food & Beverage, Compliance, Personal Care, Flavors and Fragrances

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