How to Use Your PLM System to Facilitate a Full Quality Management Program

Posted by Selerant on May 9, 2019

At food and beverage brands, Quality groups and Product Development teams have traditionally managed two separate but interconnected work streams for ensuring product integrity.

In our previous post, we outlined why using only a QMS system to manage all of the aspects of product quality actually makes it more difficult and less cost-effective for both groups to track both real-time and historical quality benchmarks

On both a functional and strategic level, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems can consolidate and integrate most, if not all, of the quality management aspects of product development in real-time.

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How Maximum Consumer Awareness is Driving Minimalist Formulations for Cosmetics Brands

Posted by Selerant on Apr 17, 2019

More than ever before, modern cosmetics consumers are savvy about what ingredients they want to see in the cosmetics and beauty brands they use, down to the ingredient level.

The demand for green products that have minimal impact on the environment (both through the sourcing and manufacturing processes) as well as a minimal negative impact on health and wellness is drastically changing the type of ingredients consumers choose and expect to see on cosmetics labels.

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More Than a Pretty Face- Cosmetic Buying Trends

Posted by Michelle Duerst on Jun 22, 2015

Customer Cosmetic Buying Trends and Demands

Cosmetic trends show an increasing market for all natural health and beauty products.

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