How PLM Leads to Further Innovation

Posted by Hollie Farrahi on Jan 3, 2017

For many businesses, current research has established that new products fail to yield significant bottom-line revenue contributions upon release. A 2014 Nielsen report, for example, found that 85% of new consumer packaged goods (CPG) are no longer available two years after their initial launch. In certain industries like pharmaceuticals, in which Research and Development (R&D) costs are as high as $1.4 billion for a product, innovation-related failures in fact sharply hamper future earnings and the bottom line.

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Topics: Product Lifecycle Management, PLM, Iinnovation

5 must-know innovation terms in 2016

Posted by Sunil Thomas on Aug 4, 2016

1. Design Thinking

In the Batten Institute’s report, “Innovation and growth: understanding the power of design thinking,” Roger Martin, a former dean of the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto and the author of The Design of Business, defines design thinking: 

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Topics: Innovation Process Management, Open Innovation, Reverse Innovation, Iinnovation

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