How do you "C" innovation?

Posted by Michelle Duerst on Mar 10, 2015

Companies depend upon new product innovation to secure their consumer brand image as well as drive growth. The problem arises when the cost spent on the new product development does not result in actual revenue growth.

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Topics: Product Lifecycle Management, PLM, Formulation Management, R&D, Paint and Ink

Creating Smoother Collaboration with Data, Analytics, and Methodology

Posted by Michelle Duerst on Aug 22, 2014

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Topics: DevEX, PLM, Collaboration, Paint and Ink

Specifications 101

Posted by Michelle Duerst on Jan 17, 2014


How do you manage quality over multiple product lines if you do not have a system to adequately track changes and variances?


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Topics: Best Practices NPDI, Product Standards, Production and Management Standards, Specification, Best Practice Npdi, Quality Assurance, PDM, Paint and Ink

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