The IoT and new product development

Posted by Osman Ipek on Apr 7, 2017


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Topics: DevEX, PLM, new product development, IoT, Internet of things, formula-based PLM

How PLM Leads to Further Innovation

Posted by Hollie Farrahi on Jan 3, 2017

For many businesses, current research has established that new products fail to yield significant bottom-line revenue contributions upon release. A 2014 Nielsen report, for example, found that 85% of new consumer packaged goods (CPG) are no longer available two years after their initial launch. In certain industries like pharmaceuticals, in which Research and Development (R&D) costs are as high as $1.4 billion for a product, innovation-related failures in fact sharply hamper future earnings and the bottom line.

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Topics: Product Lifecycle Management, PLM, Iinnovation

[Infographic] The 4 Types of Bills of Materials (BOMs) Common in Process-based PLM

Posted by Hollie Farrahi on Oct 28, 2016

The content for this infographic came from a presentation delivered by a leading global alcoholic beverage company during our 2016 North American User Conference. 

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Topics: PLM, BOM

Industry specific templates for product life cycle management

Posted by Federico Fontanella on Oct 7, 2016

At Selerant, we understand that navigating the implementation process for a product lifecycle management (PLM) software can be overwhelming, hectic and time consuming. That’s why we’ve analyzed more than 25 of our customer deployments over the past 10 years to identify common system needs and create industry specific templates to accelerate DevEX system implementations while reducing costs in order to achieve your ROI objectives. 

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Topics: Product Lifecycle Management, PLM

[Infographic] Specification and formulation management in PLM systems

Posted by Hollie Farrahi on Sep 27, 2016

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Topics: Product Lifecycle Management, PLM, Formulation Management, Product Life Cycle Management Software, Specification Management, Plm Software

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