How Millennials Are Driving Food & Beverage Producers to PLM

Posted by Selerant on Nov 25, 2019

When it comes to selling products to millennials, food quality management is an absolute imperative

As the largest segment of the global labor force, millennials are leading the charge in demanding comprehensive distribution of information. 

According to Selerant COO Sunil Thomas, “The level of information that consumers want has changed drastically. It’s not just ingredients on a label, they want to know that the product does not violate their principles or beliefs. If you say that your product is organic or sustainably sourced, can you prove it?”

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Disruptive Innovation for the F&B Industry

Posted by Selerant on Nov 21, 2019

Staying ahead of the consumer trends curve in the food and beverage industry requires intuitive innovations from research and development teams and the ability to swiftly pivot production.

A new product launch that aligns with trends, like smaller portion sizing, environmentally conscience sourcing, organic and plant-based foods that add authentic value to consumer’s lives can offset the value declines that occur as formulations run their course and come to the end of their lifecycle. This strategy also applies to disruptions that occur when consumers make more educated product choices.  

When it comes to food and beverage manufacturing, there are two basic types of innovation, and understanding the difference is key for the success of both the process and new product development. 

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3-Step Method to Business Process Re-Engineering for Food Manufacturers (Including Examples)

Posted by Selerant on Aug 20, 2019

This topic first appeared in a presentation from our Director of PPM, Paul Cegles at our 2018 User Conference.

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Managing a Global Product Pricing Process with PLM: An Interview with Selerant COO Sunil Thomas

Posted by Selerant on Aug 12, 2019

Recently, we sat down with Sunil Thomas, Selerant COO, to discuss the major challenges food manufacturers face in managing product costing. In our previous post, he discussed how brands can use a global formulation strategy to achieve economies of scale and quickly and costly-effectively implement product changes in response to commodity prices and market demand.

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Taking a Global Approach to Food Product Pricing: An Interview with Selerant COO Sunil Thomas

Posted by Selerant on Aug 5, 2019

To compete on price in the global marketplace, food manufacturers must track a huge array of cost factors across the product development steps, across markets, and across the supply chain. As brands further globalize their product lines, managing pricing decisions as part of a comprehensive enterprise strategy has become a critical need across departments.

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