Facilitating Domestic and International Product Registration with PLM Software

Posted by Daniele Camanni on Mar 2, 2018

Daniele Camanni is Selerant's Director of Professional Services, North America 

Registering new or updated products through the EPA, state agencies and international regulatory bodies create multi-year, overlapping projects—all of which require ample amounts of documentation.

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Topics: PLM for process, formula-based PLM, product registration

A Product Lifecycle Management Software Journey

Posted by Hollie Farrahi on Dec 2, 2016

A PLM Journey: from pain points to payoff

If your company has never considered a dedicated product life cycle (PLM) solution before, then getting executive approval for one can seem like a Herculean task. PLM is a highly compelling and mature technology. Companies that use a high-quality PLM system for their product development processes can expect to see major dividends from such a solution.

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Topics: Product Lifecycle Management, Plm Software, PLM case study, Product Lifecycle Management Software, PLM for process

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