Customer Case Study: Streamlining Supplier Relationship Management with Selerant's SCP

Posted by Selerant on Mar 31, 2020

The complexity of modern supply chains makes managing supplier relationships with disparate, manual processes challenging. Selerant’s Supplier Collaboration Portal (SCP) replaces and standardizes those manual processes, creating a single, central database that stores, manages, and searches supplier data.

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How to Use Your PLM System to Facilitate a Full Quality Management Program

Posted by Selerant on May 9, 2019

At food and beverage brands, Quality groups and Product Development teams have traditionally managed two separate but interconnected work streams for ensuring product integrity.

In our previous post, we outlined why using only a QMS system to manage all of the aspects of product quality actually makes it more difficult and less cost-effective for both groups to track both real-time and historical quality benchmarks

On both a functional and strategic level, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems can consolidate and integrate most, if not all, of the quality management aspects of product development in real-time.

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Standardizing Internal Knowledge Sharing for Faster Product Globalization

Posted by Selerant on Apr 26, 2019

For food and beverage manufacturers, developing a brand once followed a predictable path. A local or regional brand would be distributed on a small scale and then, those product lines would be slowly globalized across new regions and markets.

Today, manufacturers don't need to wait for this kind of brand maturity model to launch products at mass scale. The rapid availability of goods internationally, combined with online selling, means that brands can launch new products globally from the very start.

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4 Ways Food Manufacturers Can Win on Cost, Consumer and Material Standards

Posted by Selerant on Mar 22, 2019

With consumer preference for natural ingredients changing the nutritional composition of products, food and beverage manufacturers are finding that product formulation—and the sourcing of material sourcing—needs to be as flexible as possible to anticipate market demands.

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3 Ways to Overhaul Your Innovation Approach to Get Contemporary Products to Market Faster

Posted by Selerant on Feb 26, 2019

In 2019, consumer demand is leading manufacturers to bring not just new products to the shelves, but a crop of entirely new eating occasions: From healthy pre-packaged or frozen meal alternatives to complete meal replacement like protein powder and shakes, consumer preferences are driving manufacturers to create a larger variety of contemporary products.

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