3 Ways to Overhaul Your Innovation Approach to Get Contemporary Products on Market Faster

Posted by Selerant on Feb 26, 2019

In 2019, consumer demand is leading manufacturers to bring not just new products to the shelves, but a crop of entirely new eating occasions: From healthy pre-packaged or frozen meal alternatives to complete meal replacement like protein powder and shakes, consumer preferences are driving manufacturers to create a larger variety of contemporary products.

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Topics: Product Portfolio Management, Supplier Relationship Management, Product Formulation & Recipe Management, Cosmetics & Personal Care

3 Ways to Streamline Supplier Collaboration During the Specification Lifecycle

Posted by Hollie Farrahi on Jul 26, 2017


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Topics: Collaboration, Product Life Cycle Management Software, Specification Management, Supplier Relationship Management, Vendor Management, formula-based PLM

Here's how PLM improves supplier relationships

Posted by Hollie Farrahi on Jan 24, 2017


When businesses have good working relationships with their suppliers, products remain consistent across the board and are going out to market as expected. Unfortunately, too many firms are not working as collaboratively as possible with their suppliers, which is one reason why inconsistencies occur and products are not released on time in full 100 percent of the time.

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Topics: Supplier Relationship Management, Vendor Management, Vendor Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management

Supplier Relationship Management Made Easy

Posted by Abhijit Ghawate on Nov 22, 2016

A workshop format of this blog post was delivered by Project Manager Abhijit Ghawate and Sr. Manager of Professional Services Federico Fontanella during our 2016 North American User Conference.

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Topics: Supply Chain, Supplier Relationship Management, Vendor Management, Vendor Relationship Management

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